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Hi there ...... a couple of questions!

Firstly, I am trying to make the age old decision as to whether to choose accom in SB or Clifton! The real issue seems to be the timing of your lectures - seems particularly bad if you have a lot of 9.00am ones! Is there anyone out there who is currently doing Hispanic studies or Spanish and\or Portuguese that can tell me if there tend to be many early morning tutorials \ lectures? Really like the sound of SB, but am not a morning person, so would be hopeless if i had to get up too early and then walk for 40 mins!:eek:

Seconly, how easy\difficult is it to switch eg from Hispanic Studies to Spanish and Italian or Spanish and French? I know HS is not as popular as the other courses so maybe it's not possible??? Also, is it better to do this before you start or is there a chance to suck it and see for a couple of weeks? I imagine either way it's easier to do it once you're there?? Any thoughts would be great! Thanks!
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(Original post by Penny1)
is there a chance to suck it and see for a couple of weeks?
Hmmmm. Of all the sayings you chose that one! lol

Anyway, one of my best mates does HS and yes, there are morning lectures galore. One of which being the DREADED Monday dum dum dummmmm. So you could be all cushty in Clifton until 8.45am whereas up at like 7am in Stokey B. But ultimately you´re still gonna have to be in uni for 9am which is bad enough so why not get up early and do the sobering up walk (it´s medicinal i tell you!). Ok, i´m not gonna lie to you, it´s the most grim thing i´ve ever had to experience, and some mornings i wud´ve KILLED to be in bed that extra hour.

But... Stokey B is better, choose it over Clifton.

Oh and secondly, it´s better to get into the course first (ie, suck it and see) and easier to change once in than having not started it. Damn, cudn´t come up with any good double entendres.

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