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Ok... heres the dealio!
I really want to go to uni in sept but i cant amke up my mind which one!
I kno u may b thinking its a bit late now and well it kinda is!
But... i dont want to go to my 1st oir insurance choices ( London city and Brighton) Im predicted ABB this summer ( i Got AABD last year)
I can get into brighton without even goin to my exams thsi year but city is a bit harder.. ive slacked at skool thsi year and am realistically thinking im not gona get my ABB!

So ive decided to go through clearing .. i wnat to do something in bussiness fianance or fashion .. i need help on what uni's i shud look at!

I want to go somewhere with a good reputation!

I really want to do fashion but alot of unis who do the degree in that area ask for a design or art subject which i dont have my subjects are all social sciences!

Any help wud be greatly appreciatied!
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If you're thinking of the top Universities, then check out for more information
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You could look at this website for a little bit of help too.,00.html
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