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This is my first post on here, hopefully some of you guys will be wiser than myself

I left school at 16 with 9 higher grade GCSE's and decided to go onto college. However, family circumstances changed meaning that basically money wasn't available to put me through college and as a result I decided to get a full time job. I worked for Lloyds TSB from Nov 1998 - Nov 2002, when I left to try and find a job in a more IT focused company.

Struggling to get in with anyone largely due to my lack of IT related qualifications I came to the decision that returning to education may be a good step.

Which leads me to where I am today. I really want to complete a degree in Information Technology and a friend suggested I tried to get onto a foundation year leading to a degree. Basically, I was wondering if that was the best way to go and if I would have a chance of gaining entry. If not, is an Access Course the best way to go?

Any help would be appreciated.
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Some colleges will let you do evening classes over a two year span which count towards the first year of a degree. Then you have to apply for the second and third year through a university and do it there. I think that the university you go to has to be linked with the college though. A mature student I used to know did 2 years of even classes for psychology and then went to Coventry uni for the other two. She didn't have any GCSEs but didn't have any trouble getting in so you should have no trouble with it.

I think that access courses are taken by mature students more than younger students, depending on what age range you class yourself as. Although, I think they are quite basic but good for a refresher course. There are normally evening classes at colleges that are the same or similar to access courses.

I'm not too sure about the foundation option...sorry! I hope I have given you a few more ideas. Basically, why not look at the 1st year over two years at a college. I think it might help you. Hope you get on ok. Good luck!
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