Edward Thomas - The Glory

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    Could you help me with this first AS level essay that I have to write? I would be immensely grateful for some key points!

    'Discuss Thomas' presentation of strong emotions in 'The Glory'. In your answer explore the effects of language, imagery and verse form and consider how this poem relates to other poems by Thomas.'

    These are my current 3 points on this poem for a similar essay, good luck!:

    · The contrast between the simplistic beauty of nature (“sky and meadow and forest”, “untouched dew”, “new mown hay”), and the impossible complexity of expressing this beauty in words (“I cannot bite the day to the core”)
    · The insignificance of everything (perhaps the war, Thomas’ psychological issues) in contrast with the glory of nature (“Shall I now this day begin to seek as far as heaven, as hell, wisdom or strength to match this beauty”). Two of the most revered qualities in a person are totally disregarded in the face of this beauty
    · Biblical connotations – The Glory or beauty of nature surpasses even the most powerful, omniscient institution in the world – religion. A “”dove” “tempts” Thomas, the dove is the Christian representation of the “Holy Spirit”, the unexplainable, impossible to describe omniscient being; not dissimilar to the power and glory Thomas attributes to nature, which he cannot explain properly across the course if the poem (“I cannot bite the day to the core”). The fact that the dove is “tempting” shows that there is restraint on his behalf, perhaps linked with his struggle to grasp poetry and confidence in his own writing, that his inability to express the “glory” of nature is his fault, rather than just because the glory is so magnificent (See Words for further expression of this).
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Updated: November 7, 2012
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