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Rugby is a game for men and American footballers are all wimps?

So had a nice discussion with someone today about this and thats what he said. What do people actually think ?

Its not what i think before anyone goes and blasts me.
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I agree in the same way I agree that tanks are for pussies because real men roll into Iraq in a golf buggy.
A lot of people think that American football is softer because of all the protection they wear and stuff, including myself, before I nearly go killed playing it.We had an American football trial at college couple weeks ago and **** my life, that **** is demanding.
I guess it's hard to tell to be honest. Some will argue that in American football any tackle goes, some will say that rugby players aren't protected and vice versa
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Just because the sports seem vaguely similar doesn't mean they should be compared to one another. F1 and WRC both involve cars, so they're the same, right? Wrong.

They're different sports for a reason.
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I put this up here to see how ignorant some people are to American football. The padding is so people are not killed for Christ sake. Nothing infuriates me more when you get that tosser who calls the other sport a bunch of pussies

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I'm a rugby player and even I think this thread is retarded
Nope, that guy is wrong, wrong, and wrong.

Some American football players have said they appreciate rugby more though. American football is still an intense sport. I respect rugby players the most out of any sportsman, because of the intensity of the sport, level of skill required and let's face it, someone has to tackle those big guys/take the big hits...
Girls play rugby as well, but I don't think they play American football.
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Was trying to see if many people were that ignorant or ic it was just the welsh.

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I like both sports but I prefer rugby, although admittedly I've never actually played American football in a proper game. I don't have a huge problem with pads, but I doubt they have the safety effect that they were designed for. I'd imagine pads just drive players to play even more dangerously, hence why so many NFL players develop punch drunk syndrome in later years. In rugby there's an incentive not to be too reckless, as it'd probably result in a serious concussion. Whereas in football the pads might lead to a false sense of safety that isn't really justified. I watch both sports, my problems with football don't stem from the pads, they're irrelevant to me. My problem with football is more that their players are too specialised. It's probably just because I'm used to rugby, but it irks me a bit that they have a whole load of players who only do one job before running off the pitch again (kickers spring to mind).

EDIT: Also a sincere 10/10 for generalisation in the above post :wink:
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Some sports are just stupidly dangerous, and others aren't - regardless of protection.

Field and Ice Hockey are just about as dangerous as it gets. Ice Hockey didn't have mandatory helmets until the late 70s, and even after that you could voluntarily play without - and even now visors aren't required.

In Field hockey, unbelievably even at junior level, mouthguards and facemasks (for short corners) are not mandatory.
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The tackling in both games is different.

For one, the helmets protect them from tackles that hit above the neck, which are legal in American football, where as they're not in rugby. Spear tackles are also legal, which aren't in rugby, and the force behind one of them whilst running at full speed is bloody hard! I'd like to see you chase a ball that's been thrown long, without any pads, as a tank of a man sprints the other way directly towards you with the intention of spearing you in the chest head on. It's not like rugby, you don't already have the ball in your hands, and you can't just pitch it off to the side to avoid a hit. You either get past, or take the hit.
In American football you're also allowed to take down players without the ball, which you can't do in rugby.

Personally I prefer American football. Some people struggle to enjoy it due to it being quite stop/start, which is fair enough, but I prefer the strategy and skill involved in it that doesn't exist so much in rugby. The plays, the throwing and catching etc. The way that in rugby you can't pass forwards has always put me off it. In American football it's so satisfying when a quarterback throws a huge 50 yard touchdown pass!
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That guy in the video got his head across nicely at 1:39 lol, he might have been watching some football. I wouldn't like to do stuff like that without a helmet though.

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