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    I'm about to take the Pure Maths 1 exam (EDEXCEL) in a few days. I'm kinda worried because I noticed how the difficulty levels of different papers are very different. Some past papers I found very easy. Others I found really hard. Last years paper in may was quite hard. Most of it is pretty straightforward except for a couple of questions. I'm not sure if its just me, but does anyone else find that they get stuck with one or two questions where they are totally stuck? Can anyone give me advice on what to do when I encounter things like this. Bear in mind that we are racing against the clock.


    Yep that happens to me. Do you also find that you go blank, ie that you forget your maths knowledge and nothing is clear? and find that after the exam you could have answered the question? I do agree with you last years P1 was more difficult than the norm, I did that exam. Yeah, i need advice too, it happens to me in every exam, i'm fine when i do mocks. I think maybe I get too nervous. Does this happen to anyone else?

    Im going throught the same. I'm taking my P1 on Tuesday and I'm very worried. I've done plenty of past papers but I very rarely do well without a quick look at the answers to make sure it's correct (Can't Do That In The Exam).

    I'm not too worried about S1 and D1 but P1 is so hard

    you are right but if you think p1 is hard wait till p3!
    i dont know why evereyone does maths when you can do another a level like media studies, get the A and unless ur doing maths/physics at uni they wont care.
    maths at a level is too big a jump from gcse so that needs to be sorted out.

    If they're going to make P1 this hard, they should at least put the grade boundaries a lot lower. Its like 80% for an A in Edexcel P1. Thats just too high. Especially when you screw up a 7 mark question.

    I have a problem where I keep making stupid stupid mistakes in the exam. Where I write (x-2)^2 somewhere, then I rewrite it again below it to equal another equation but forgot to put the ^2 in and then all of the question is wrong .

    Also, I thought they said that "working out" would be very useful. Well if they really think that, then perhaps they should put more marks on the method marks rather than the answer marks. Some questions have about 5 out of 7 as answer marks. Theres something that need to be done about AS level maths.

    Furthermore, is Maths widely acknowledged as a favourable subject to universities? Because I think an A in Maths is like 2 A of any other subject (basically I mean that A Maths is at least twice as hard as any other subject). It should be worth more UCAS Points if you do Maths. I should have taken something a little less difficult like Physics (I'm not saying Physics is easy. But it should be definitely easier than Maths).

    ROFL, after doing P3, P1 has become a joy to do! Wait until the gayness develops in P2 and P3, especially the "especially today, we'll learn pascals triangle, tomorrow we'll unlearn pascals traingle and teach you binomial ,thus wasting the lesson entirely"

    maths is useless, when exatly will pascal/bionomial integration differentation of sec2 @ come in handy in real life?

    probably when I go and flush the toilet

    it easy P1 and P2 is not that bad 2

    well at leat i can have a **** in the exam

    maths is behind everything u do. coooking food in microwave. riding a vbike. everything. its like the MATRIX

    Maths is too hard. Ive just sat the P4 exam which makes P1 seem like a beautiful dream...

    Take this advice - I knew my P4 was gonna be soo bad (maybe I'll get 15 -20%?!) so I did a completly new module in my own time, mecahnics 1. (I've only ever done statistics before, but i didn't have any touble!) If you do 7 modules they take the best 6 (this is OCR I'm talking about), so my P4 has effectively been cancelled out by M1, which is an AS module comapred to a very hard A2 module.
    I was taught a whole years work in 8 weeks, just by myself after school, because it was soo muich easier, and now I could be looking at 90% in my exam next week.

    Ask your teachers if the same rule applies to your exam boards. The extra homework for nine tiny little weeks could well be worth it...
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Updated: June 6, 2003
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