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    Im in set 3 for English at my school which is not great its out of 7. I have a teacher who i believe is very bad.

    Here are two peices of work i have done this week and i just want to know do i seem like a d - c student.

    1st - Write a piece of descriptive work on a area, object or person.

    Unearthly wood

    The vibrant wave of unearthly noises makes this forest like non other.

    The wood engulfs the whole valley in which it is found, its beauty only interrupted by a small clearing, in which a small circle of volcanic rocks is found.

    These rocks are rumoured to have mystical powers much like the ones at Stonehenge. At the centre of the ring is a single daffodil. The fragrance of this lone flower captures the smell of the most aromatic of all spring plants. Its yellow petals glimmer in the summer sun and sparkle in the winter frost, its magic never ceasing to amaze the few people who know of its existence.

    The trees in the forest stand like the skyscrapers in a large metropolis such as New York. Every leaf is like a window capturing the sun’s energy, providing food for the life inside. The roots acting like foundations on which these wondrous feats of engineering can be placed.

    The woodpecker sits high up in the canopy of the largest oak. Its wings, a beautiful burgundy colour, with tints of green and red, shine through its luxuriously smooth feathers. Its tail made up of a mixture of all the colours making up a sunset, from dark greens to pale pinks. Its continuous, perfectly timed tapping is soothing enough to send any baby to sleep whilst being loud enough to stir a squirrel from its hibernation.

    This oak set aside from the other trees of its kind towers over the valley sides from the small out crop of land on which it lies.

    Many do not know this forest as its existence is shrouded by myths and legends much like the city of Atlantis whose livelihood is protected by the many creatures recruited to protect its honour.

    This is a forest where Mother Nature’s creatures may find sanctuary from the violent land, which our race has created.

    2nd - Write a piece of poetry onf your choice.


    Glinting in the moon light she strolls along,
    Her head full of thought,
    Self-esteem rising, as she thinks,
    Then she remembers the ones lost over the years.

    Their honour carved into marble, forever remembered,
    Knowing they are in safe hands, she relaxes,
    Thinking to her self her job is done,
    It’s someone else’s turn to look after them now.

    As the wind blows, the soles of many men are whisked away,
    As nature takes its revenge on their graves, we remember
    Just how much damage we cause to earth.

    Be honest jsut tell me whether you think it is good and a rough grade please.

    Yes, it's pretty good! I would say roughly a B grade but i am only doing my GCSE's so i wouldn't know!
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