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I was wondering whether anyone knew any good websites or books which I could learn Spanish and/or Italian from as I have decided to try and teach myself over the holidays as well as working and reading up on next semester's work. So does anyone have any handy sites for beginners?

Helen Brownsell
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As I am sure you know have lots of good books with tapes and you can read peoples reviews to see if they are as really good as they look, also I am trying to find that self study at home program where you can learn loads of qualifications from home by yourself including GCSE's and A-Levels etc but I cant find it, there are also some very good software packages for learning languages I am told.

If you learning to speak only best getting one of those non academic type ones, they teach writing and reading where as others just are speaking.

Had a quick looksie for sites but couldnt see any, best if you know them before hand I recon.

Hope your self study goes well
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Thanks for the advice. I've found some useful website with grammar and stuff like that as well as some dictionaries which will be good for vocabulary. I don't want to spend too much money on it but you can find a lot of info on the internet and there is some software available as well...although I haven't actually been able to open it properly yet. The BBC website seems to have the basic on languages, if anyone is interested in useful language websites:

These websites have some software, although I haven't used any of it yet:

Lastly, I thought this website might be useful for resources, etc:

I haven't done any more yet as I still have one exam left tomorrow but after that I plan on having a go. Good luck to anyone who still has exams.

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