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Why do some girls take pleasure in going after other girls boyfriends?

Ive noticed this alot the past few years. If I met a guy and he told me he had a girlfriend id back of straight away out of respect for the other women, i fell for this guy who had been flirting with me but as soon as i found out he had a girlfriend I backed off again.

However ive noticed many girls are not like thhis and i do not know why. My ex cheated on me with girls in clubs and with a girl i went to school with, yes I know he is to blame but what I dont understand is that these girls knew about me why didnt they say no? Why would a girl want to be the other womena nd ruin a relationship? When i confronted the girl i use to go to school with I asked her why out of allo the men in the world she went for my boyfriend and her reply was 'because I can'

Ive got a new boyfriend now but girls are still the same, when I was out with my boyfriend girls openly flirt with him in front of me he doesnt even notice its flirting but i know it is, they offer him lifts home and ask him to go back to theirs which he says no to but I really do not understand it at all why do some women go for other girls partners?

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Because they care about themselves more than you!
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How old are you OP?

I'm not really sure how accurate this is. Perhaps this happens at school/college, but certainly with the more classier higher quality woman I associate myself with I don't tend to see this.
The same reason some boys take pleasure in going after other boys girlfriends.
I believe it's usually for the thrill, but generally because they're a bit of a dick.
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There are all kinds of people in this world, at least there are honest and nice girls like you out there - and I'm sure you're not alone.
You should be glad about it. If there are girls hitting on your boyfriend but he stays with you then it means you're something to him, not just because he's lonely.
This is a question I've wanted answered for a long time OP. I think for a lot of people the second someone says they have a boyfriend/girlfriend it's like, 'straight to the friend zone for you', but with others they just seem to try even harder. I once had a conversation with a few lads (a couple of which had girlfriends), when they were talking about how much they'd like to sleep with another guy's girlfriend and then meet the guy, knowing what they'd done. I also know a lot of girls who seem to purposefully pick guys because they have boyfriends and have no shame in pursuing them.

I personally think this sort of behaviour has two motivators: looking for an ego-boost and seeking a challenge.

Either way, if you try and do it, you're a dick.
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I guess its a challenge? also they are horrible people.
Because they have no regards for other people's feelings and only care about the ego boost that comes with getting attention from a guy who has a girlfriend.
I knew a girl at uni who had a reputation as a bf stealer (or potential at least). She was incredibly sexy and men fell on their knees for her.
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I can't say I see the point in trying to break up a couple if anything the girl should back off and find someone else... I guess they might think that they are better then the guys current girlfriend or feel like they deserve to have the guy for some crazy stalker like reason

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I think in some cases - obviously not with like hitting on people in clubs or whatever, but like

You can't really help who you're attracted to, and it's all very well saying "straight to the friendzone" but it's quite hard to divorce yourself from your feelings for someone.

It is possible to genuinely like someone and have chemistry with someone who's in a relationship, and you can hardly blame someone for feeling that way.

But yeah, obviously not the case if they've just met. Then it's the challenge/accolades, I think.

(I feel like I should add: I don't, personally believe, it is anybodies fault but the person who cheats when that happens. It's not the responsibility of someone outside the relationship to keep someone on the straight and narrow as it were.)
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Because a guy in a relationship has already been test-driven and found to b worth investing time & effort into a relationship with, compared to single guys who are for the most part unproven merchandise.

You should take this as a compliment OP. They clearly respect your taste in men enough that they're happy to use you as a recommendation on being with him. You're like Which Magazine for dating.
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that girl sounds like a disgusting little slut.
What a girl said to me the other day:

"I find it so attractive that you have a girlfriend"

Meaning if I was single and wanted to meet someone, there wouldn't be anything there? :colonhash:

It's probably an ego boost for them. If a girl can get a boyfriend to cheat on his girlfriend with her, that must mean she's 'special', that's probably what they assume in their heads.
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Because they fancy the boyfriend and they don't care about his girlfriend's feelings, simple as.
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it suggests an insecurity. the whole idea of 'he wants me more than her'. they want to feel like they're better. i think its pure insecurity.