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    "Waste not, want not".

    That'll learn 'em.

    I cus,
    You cus,
    We all cus
    For Asparagus.

    I love The Far Side

    (Original post by Blush Babe)
    I think the world has come to its end...I'm ****in depressed, I think I'll need therapy for the rest of my life...I GOT A ****ING "D" - 56% IN MATHS PURE 1!!!! And the class genius got 19%!!! The highest mark was 66% - a C!!!! And we were supposed to be the enlightened group!!! We were supposed to be geniuses!!! And I find maths my EASIEST BLOODY SUBJECT!!! What am I going to do next year when I take HISTORY?!?!? I'm gonna fail EVERYTHING!!!
    My yearbook quote: "I haven't failed. I just found 100 million ways it wouldn't work."

    P.S. What is the relation between the five pointed star and devil worshippers? This question means no offence and does not imply anything, I just don't know anything about devil worshippers and I am interested to know more about them...
    Keep at it. Eventually it'll just click. There's really not that much difference between a D and an A (at least compared to other subjects). I'm also in year 11 and did a P1 mock last January. There were quite a few Cs, Ds and Es in the class but our teacher didn't seem very suprised, called the results "exceptional" and claimed that everyone was garunteed an A.

    btw: do you realise that they're making the whole maths syllabus easier next year? We aren't going to do P1 in the summer, because all the pure modules are being replaced by watered down 'core' modules, so P1 wouldn't count for anything. Are you sure you won't have to sit the AS level again anyway?
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