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Hate being home from university

I've been back from uni for the holidays pretty much since the beginning of the month, and I'm finding it so stressful... It's just constant arguments or my parents getting at me.

Apparently I'm giving them attitude about everything... For example, this morning I was in the living room with them, noticed a strange smell so I asked if a nappy had been left out (I have a baby brother). I saw that there was one on the floor, so I commented that I thought I could smell it, got up and put it in the bin. Apparently I 'arrogantly picked up the nappy, stormed into the kitchen and slammed it into the bin'. I'm sorry... what? I noticed a problem, so I resolved it trying to be helpful. How the hell do you 'arrogantly' pick up a nappy. Ffs.

It's genuinely driving me nuts. It's like they're purposefully looking for things to start an argument over. I'm planning on going back a week earlier than the start of the semester, just to get away from them...

Sorry for the rant, but I was just wondering if anyone else felt stressed when they spent time at home since moving to university?

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If you hate your family so much then go back to University earlier. :dots:
Original post by WizzleKidd
If you hate your family so much then go back to University earlier. :dots:

I don't hate my family, that's the thing. Normally we don't have any problems. I'm just finding it stressful being home. Maybe it's the time of year or something?

And I did say in my post that I was planning on going back early , partly because of this and partly because of work I need to get to the library for.

Spoke to a few of my friends who agree that they're finding it a bit weird too... was just wondering if anyone on here felt the same way?
I'm happy to see my family again, but at the same time missing uni. I was very excited to be back (I haven't visited home since the start of term) but my expectations were too high. My parents have been getting at each other most of the time and I've been reminded how things weren't as perfect at home as I remembered. You're not the only one feeling a bit stressed about home.
I also struggle with going home - I find that the first couple of days, and then the days around the two week mark are the worst. Trust me, you're not the only one :sadnod:
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I was the same when i can home from uni. Its a big big change for you and your parents, both finally having their own space and freedom and all of sudden you're back together again. You have to follow their rules, and your parents have a extra person to look after all of a sudden.

My advice would be to not give them so much lip, just bite your tongue and go with it and think about getting back to your place. Cant you just move back now or do they only let you stay in term time?
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Can't wait to get back.
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You should be talking to your parents about this I think.

I can't stand being at home, hated it before I went to uni, hate it now.
I hate being back home for long. I get on with my parents, but if I want to play computer games all night, go to bed at 8 in the morning and not get up til after lunch then I'd like to be able to without them judging me...

If I could go back to uni early I would, but unfortunately I only have my rooms during term.
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this is the story of my life, they literally take everything you do or say and twist it to make you seem like you're evil or something, and there is no exaggeration. My mum repeatedly asked me if I saw my dentist regularly, and upon further prompting i said don't worry, the likelihood of my root canals becoming infected is pretty low (my mum had a root canal infection) . My dad made me apologise for this 'appalling' thing that I said to my mum. I tried to explain that there was nothing malicious intended in what I said, it was more to point out that she should worry about her own issues than mine. Yet my dad said this is typical of me, changing what I said. She rubbed this in for a week. Guess for a lot of people this is part of an inevitable power-struggle that takes place with their parents. You have my condolences
I feel the same way. It takes three months of university to realise that you miss being at home, and two days at home to remember why you left. :tongue:
Stressed at home too. Also grown apart from home friends so feel like I'm just stuck at home all day whilst everyone else is having fun with family/friends. :frown:
I'm not a huge fan of being home either. Yes it is nice to see friends and family again but I miss the company of my housemates as home is just me & my Mum so its not as social and I generally hate being on my own. And then there is the nagging e.c.t from my Mum which drives me mad after a while.
I'm not at uni yet, but my older brother has exactly the same issue!
I think it's going to uni, you suddenly have more freedom, you can pretty much do what you want, when you want without having too many boundaries. Yet as soon as you get home, it's like BAM! Back into a house of rules, where you have to look out for others more...
The advice I can give, from my experience watching my brother come home, is maybe just try not to argue back as much and just bite your tongue and get on with it, that way it generally keeps a calmer household!

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I don't mind being home but after a couple of days it's like I never left with regards to my siblings. I have a lot and we're all girls and pretty close in age, so the amount of bickering is ridiculous. I think I'm a relatively level-headed person and then go home and manage to have a forty-minute long squabble over who sets the table :frown:
But home's nice sometimes because washing gets done and the fridge always has things in it :biggrin:
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I love being home but only for a day or two, after that siblings really start winding me up :frown:

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Reading these posts makes me so glad I'm not alone :smile: I like my parents but being home for an extended period of time is a bit dull. Things feel a bit awkward and I end up feeling a bit lonely! Looking forward to going back :smile:
Thank God it's not just me... Was beginning to think I was just being an ungrateful cow... I'm trying to get along, but I have 2 younger sisters, 2 younger brothers my mum, my Dad AND my step-mum to contend with and it's just a leeeeetle bit much after being pretty much independant at uni...
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At least it's not just me! :biggrin:

I get on okay with my parents, I'm just not a people person at all. I didn't come home all semester and I didn't miss anything except my cat and the bath. :tongue: I've been with my parents since the 13th, pretty much counting down the hours til I fly back to Edinburgh. I live alone back there so it's really hard suddenly having to live people. I'm having to make up things to go shopping for so I can get out of the house and get some work done. :frown:
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I like being at home for about the first 5 days, then the novelty of it wears off when I realise I don't have nearly the same amount of freedom I do at Uni. Going back to Uni super early this term.