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    Wondered if I could pick your brains on this. It's very complicated and I am totally confused by it.

    About 6/7 months ago, I met this girl at a gig, I kind of knew her before as we was following each other on twitter as we work in the same profession, but we had never met in person. After the gig we started chatting alot more on twitter than we previously did before we met and sometimes the conversions would be a little bit flirty and include quite a bit of innuendo.

    I really wanted to ask her out, but was in a relationship at the time, so I couldn't do it. A few months later she found someone else, and got into a relationship and the amount of chatter decreased between us for a few months, then last month we had to work together on a project and we had a great time, and since then over the last 4-5 weeks we have gone back to the flirtatious chat on twitter and facebook we once had about 6 months ago. I see her at least once a week now as she comes into the office and she always has a smile on her face and is very bubbly and chats to me. I texted her asked her if she wanted to do more work with me and she straight away replied with "I would love to". We did the work just before Christmas, had a great time, she talked to me about the gig we met at saying it was such a great night because she met me and she totally loved the band that was playing too, we had a laugh too and made some really bad cheesy jokes, and she laughed and said that I was very funny. Nothing has happened between us, but we did have 3 sets of cuddles the last time I saw her before Christmas and we bought each other presents too, nothing expensive just chocolates.

    She still has a boyfriend at the moment but I have split with my OH since the summer. She once ****ged her boyfriend off to me because he did something that got on her nerves, and all the other times I've seen her she doesn't mention her boyfriend once to me, makes no reference to him or anything. The strange thing is though she never really texts or calls me, I sometimes text her maybe once a week if that, but I don't wanna overdo it. The only time she really speaks to me is when making flirty comments on fb or twitter. When I text her to wish her Merry Christmas on Christmas day, she text the same back with 3 kisses on the end of her text and when I relied asking her what was in her stocking, she didn't reply. The text was nothing too extreme to the flirtatious banter we normally have any other time, but she did tweet me during the evening commenting on a TV programme she was watching and we had a little twitter chat. I haven't heard from her since. Even on her tweets to me she puts 2/3 kisses on the end and will always put a wink or a smilie face on there, so I think she likes me but the other day she put as one of her statuses Just got home to a nice warm flat, got great company and a full fridge, I truly am a lucky lady.

    I do like this girl very much and would like to get with her as she is very nice, friendly and a lot of things seem to click when we are together, we chat alot about random stuff like music, tv, film, and life the usual sorts of stuff really. Should I make my feelings known to her even though she's already in a relationship or should I bite my tongue and leave it?

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated . Thanks in advance!
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    Speaking as one who in the past has missed out a lot doing the "biting the toungue" bit I'd say go for it. I guess it depends how much you value being just friends over trying for proper relationship with this girl.

    I think you're at the point in your mind where you don't wanna be friends with her. That's not enough for you and that's fair. So, go for it! It might not work but you'll keep yourself wondering and that's not healthy. Also, if she does reject you, you can find out and move on quicker and find someone else!

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