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    So basically, my situation is like this.
    I had braces when I was 14, got them out when I was 15, very happy with the results, I mean my teeth were fuc*ed before, and the braces did their job.
    After I got them out, I wore my retainer as instructed, seems like a waste of a year not to follow the after-care, of-course I missed a day here and there like most people, but overall took great care after they came off.
    Fast forward to now, I'm 16, my teeth are still straight, but I've noticed over the last few months my top teeth have shifted to the left a bit.
    My dentist noticed last visit and told me my wisdom teeth are coming in and one is at an awkward angle, most likely pushing my teeth this way.
    It isn't a huge problem, but it definitely annoys me after going through the treatment the first time.
    I know on the NHS if you're under 18 you can get braces free for medical reasons - not cosmetic. But would this fall under medical since it's not something I've done, but the way my wisdom teeth are coming in. I honestly wouldn't mind getting braces again because it would only be top teeth and would be considerably shorter, a couple of months.
    Anybody able to help...?
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    (Original post by Arirang)
    Your teeth can't have been that bad if you only had braces for a year, surely?

    I say ask your dentist if he would recommend it or not, but also I think if your wisdom teeth are the cause, then get them removed first and then get braces again. I've never heard of anyone having braces twice, but if it really bothers you that much I guess you could, but I think you'll have to convince your dentist to refer you again for treatment (I assume, again, ask your dentist). But if your teeth haven't shifted too much, then do you really want the hassle?

    If it makes you feel any better, I began treatment at 8 years old (I had to wear headgear. Scary ****, looks like this) I first got my braces on aged 10 and got them removed aged 15. That's how bad my teeth were. After I got my braces off, I wore my retainer constantly for a year and after I stopped wearing it, my bottom teeth have crossed over slightly, some teeth have shifted slightly out of place, but in general, they're pretty straight - a far, far cry from what they were. If your teeth were as bad as mine were before you had your braces in, then a little bit of lapse shouldn't bother you too much
    Yeah, just over a year, the main problem was I had to two teeth behind the rest pretty far back which was the main reason I had to get them.
    Sucks to hear you had to wear that kind of brace man, I've got an appointment in two weeks and I'll discuss it there.
    I've seen people with terrible teeth, people who had braces, didn't wear a retainer and have shifted back and I realise I'm probably being picky haha!
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