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Why is watching child porn illegal? watch


    Pretty sure it's rape equivalent since they are under 18 and are minors. (actually I think the age of consent is 16.) but what's worse is that it's not even like a 15 year old wo is on the brink of being legal its CHILDREN, molesting them, against their will - and if they do consent they don't know what they're in for ! They have not developed enough both mentally and physically to fully comprehend what is going to happen. And thats not even taking into consideration any "after" effects that may occur.

    And in terms of the movies that contain violence and murder etc. that is a completely different dynamic as these are consenting adults that are acting which have matured and understand what they are doing and what will be shown which goes hand in hand with the age guidelines to watch. Also I think a big part of it is the fact that as a race we enjoy things like violence and horror as it gets the adrenaline going and we may find it entertaining but another aspect of the films it is very, very rarely a child which is being abused in such a way that is so apparent and when there are violent scenes they are between (usually) adults and not an adult and not a helpless child and an adult.

    Granted my argument may be biased and I didn't necessarily explore both sides equally but personally I find it sick and wrong.

    On another note, I think that making it legal would send out the message that these kinds of urges are in some way normal and not utterly condemned by society. Plus, while I obviously couldn't offer any study to support this, I would think that a person with these urges who watched child porn would be much more likely to act on them than someone who was not.
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