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    I'm 20 and got quite a lot of friends, i.e. university friends, people from work and then my friends from home. I keep having issues with my friends from home. We've been friends since school, and always used to have silly arguments and fall outs. Since school a few others have been added to the friendship group but they're my friends' friends rather than my friends but we all go out together etc.

    One of the girls, is a bit older than us and she's good friends with my two best friends but I'm only friends with her through them. The problem is I feel like she always puts me down when we're out. She always takes the mick out of me for being drunk, or comments on my boyfriend, which really annoys me. She did it the other night as well, and in the end I thought 'screw them' and left on the night out. Now all my friends are annoyed at me for leaving and it's hit a point where it's awkward between me and then. It's always like its 3 against 1.

    I always feel like it's three against one, since I don't see them that often anyway because I'm in university. I come home every weekend to see my boyfriend but normally don't get a chance to see my friends. Even more so since I've got a boyfriend, because I've never had a serious boyfriend before. Obviously I spend more time with him than with them because they're all in relationships too.

    My friends also all see each other and do things during the week whilst I'm in uni, I only ever see them when we go for nights out which usually turn out rubbish in the end. I kind of don't want to be friends with them any more - I've got plenty of friends in uni that I'm much more comfortable with and prefer spending time with. But when I finish uni and move back home I'm going to need them to be friends with because if I end up splitting up with my boyfriend I'll need them then, but right now I can't be bothered with them. I have nothing left in common with them and I'm fed up of the way they treat me.

    You know what you have to do

    Treat them cordially so that in case you meet them, you stay on reasonable terms.

    Find new friends when you come home
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