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i have started my gcse courses and how many hours should i revise a day? watch

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    thank you i appreciate it

    Very Long but it's a good accurate way so you dont do more than you need to :

    you need to work out how many days until your very first exam,
    From this take away times you know you definetly wont study e.g Christmas, Birthdays, Holidays etc etc etc
    Allocate a day where you will rest from revision and then minus this day or days from your total number of days.
    Then calculate the number of hours in the days you have left.
    Then you work out how many days your at school for in hours
    minus the school hours.
    With the amount of hours you have left, divide them into the amount of topics you have. this will show you how many hours you need to spend on each topic and how long you realistically will have to do so. Then make a revision time table which means you'll be able to fit all your topics in and you wont run out of time and stress near the exam

    but...2 hours a day is good and then 3 closer to exam time ^^

    Personally, I would begin by just doing homework you are set and reading over your notes each week to make sure you understand what has been taught. Then address any things you don't get by talking with the teacher or looking up elsewhere.

    I wouldn't say you need to do any more than that for GCSE at all (until the months before exams)... perhaps do termly summary notes or recaps if you feel it would help. I have known people to start revising from day one and achieve nothing other than missing out on the social and extra curricular aspects, I've also known people who only revise relatively close to the exams and do great. It's not about the amount of time spent, it's about making what you do effective - using techniques that work for you, focusing on areas for improvement, etc. Burning out will not do you any good... I guess what I'm saying is if you revise every day for gcse imagine how much you'd have to be working for a degree- It is meant to get more time consuming as you go up!

    That's just my view though, I know plenty on here would disagree, and of course there are many people who do revise from day one and come out with well deserved good grades. But personally I would have a meltdown by xmas if I tried that!


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