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    Ok, so I've got my RADA prelim audition coming up in three days and they say that you have to prepare three pieces (two shakespeare/other Elizabethan playwright and one modern) but that you only need to perform one shakespeare and they might ask you to do the other one.
    Would they ask you if they thought you were good the first time or not, because my second piece isn't as fitting as the first (that is I'm not roughly my character's age etc) and I was wondering if I should change it to something better and risk not having as much time to practice it.
    Basically what I'm asking is does having to perform all three speeches mean you are good or borderline :confused:
    Also, anyone who's had one, what is an audition like and how long does it take?

    in your audition you will perform one shakespeare monologue and one contemporary monologue. you can do them in whatever order you like, they ask you which one you want to do first. its rare but some people do get asked to do their backup Shakespeare monologue. they told me on the day that if you do get asked to do a 3rd speech that this has no reflection on whether you will get a recall, they tell you to not to read anything into it.

    I personally think, from my own experience there, that the reason they ask to see your 3rd speech is because they are unsure. why would they want to see you do another speech if they thought you were bad? so if you did get asked then you could probably asume that you are in fact quite good. I also think that if the two monologues (your modern and shakeapeare) are not contrasting enough, then they ask to see your 3rd speech to see if you can act in a different sort of character. they just didn't see enough of what you can do in your first two speeches. if you don't get asked then this doesn't mean necessarily that you're rubbish, it could just mean that the monologues you chose were good choices and that they have seen all they need to see of you.

    now I only got asked to do two monologues and I have been given a recall for the foundation course. now a very talented actor friend of mine was asked to do all 3 of his speeches and he is very good, but he didn't get a recall. the best thing to do is not read anything into it. if you do get a recall well done but if you don't, that doesn't mean that your not good, there are many different factors involved.

    I know you posted this 4 weeks ago and you must of had your audition by now, as well as know the outcome of it, but i hope this has helped you in some way.

    For my prelim audition a couple of weeks ago they only wanted to see one shakespeare and modern. Plus my characters are way older than me!! So I wouldn't worry. I had my recall yesterday and they asked to see my third


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