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    (Original post by madders94)
    Well (perhaps this doesn't apply to you but to anyone reading this thread and getting worried) don't believe that what he's saying is true of all universities. Mine is very understanding of personal circumstances - there are some with families, some (like me) with health issues, some just having a tough time, and the university is very understanding and helpful. If you get into issues at uni, don't be concerned that you'll be left on your own and told to clear off - it's not necessarily true.
    Health issues and the death of relatives will generally get you a lot of leeway, but what I was talking about were those really awful days we've all had where you just can't do the subject, no matter how good you are. If you didn't get a second chance after those you'd be in big trouble.

    Actually think it's harder to get good grades when you take January resit exams alongside your normal May ones.
    Anyone who takes a science or maths type subject will know that each module requires you to know a huge amount of stuff.
    If you pass the first one you can literally sometimes forget everything you learned over the pass six months to focus on the next exam. Retaking requires you to remember two whole modules rather than just the one. For this reason, i personally think that resits are more difficult and a are a huge risk.

    The twomain problems with resits that annoyed me are;

    1) People who resit just for the sake of resitting to try get that extra 2 UMS marks to get full UMS
    2) People who resit three/four times etc.

    For me, i don't have a problem with the one resit. As not everybody will do their best on the day, not everybody learns at the same pace as everybody else, that doesn't mean to say their knowledge and understanding of a subject is poor. I think the main problem with AS level resits is for people who are entered into January exams, they are often too complacent thinking the exams will be formatted similar to GCSE, and get a shock when they get their results. This at least is the case in my school, with many getting U's, E's, D's as they didn't respect the fact they have to revise and appreciate their subject.

    I believe in Wales now though, they are beginning to make it that the resit mark is the mark that counts (not the best mark), which hopefully shall discourage people for resitting just for the sake of it.

    (Original post by member591354)
    Why? I hate January modules. I was far more prepared for my May examinations in AS - as evidenced by my increased UMS. The modular structure of A Level is too simple, GCSE was harder to manage with linear examinations.
    if january exams were still on i had the possibility of completing my A-level Maths and Further maths course by January next year, life would of been so chill.

    I believe they should do what they do in Uni:

    - if you got a good "pass" in the module first time e.g say you got a C... then you should NOT be allowed to re-sit.

    - if you "fail" then you can re-sit but the mark is capped at a C (or below).

    The reasons is like what everybody has said- people (like me) re sat things for the hell of it. In some schools they charge- so only the well off may afford to do it. I think this is unfair.


    Exams should reflect work as well as natural ability. People doing resits have to do all the work twice, so are probably finding it even harder than people who manage to get their grades first time around. And also, there is always the point that, with something as important as A levels, an 'off day' shouldn't have quite so much of an effect -and they do happen (anecdote coming- be warned): I have never resat anything before, but in january I suddenly got called for a university interview on the day of my biology exam (with three days notice), so I had to get the train down straight from my exam. I was so stressed that I got a lowish B, even though I had done two mock exams, getting 95%- if I couldn' have resat, there would have been no chance of me getting the grade for my offer.
    EDIT: I resat it and got full marks

    I don't see anything wrong with resitting to be honest.

    Some schools (usually the better performing) only register their students for summer exams. Whereas, most schools allow students to sit the exam in January when they're less prepared - in order to decrease the number of summer exams. So people who sit exams in January are going to have more resits than those who do it in the summer because they're less prepared.

    However, I am happy with the new system starting next year. I'd rather everyone have 10 exams in the summer, than 4 in January and 6 in the Summer.

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