im confused? are we friends or flirting? Watch

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I recently met this guy at work he had a girlfriend which he would bring up all the time, apart from the i felt like we had a lot of chemistry and we would wait for each other at lunch and stuff. Then he added me on facebook ( which said he had become single) and texts me all the time. He invited me to a party which i said id go to but then he forgot to tell me the details. I mean the texts are past the point where i feel they should have ended, and he does it when he is on nights out and stuff. The only thing is he really randomly calls me mate and dude? what?
then last night i met him out and started flirting with a guy he knew, i know its really immature but when i noticed him staring at us all night it kinda made me flirt more , and kept trying to intervene! nothing happened but at the end of the night he came up to me and warned me off him saying the other guy had a bad reputation- it was so awkward! Anyway he has since text me to ensure we have lunch at work on thursday. Im so confused i think he likes me but then hell call me dude? i want it to be more but i think he just want to be friends?help!
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It does sound as if he likes you, although you do need to judge the purpose for which he does. He has recently become single which will strongly suggest he is after a rebound fling. If you want to go on a date with him you can suggest it though, I am sure he would accept.

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