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    (Original post by Mattheatre)
    I would recommend is taking a step back and looking at the way you organise yourself in terms of work. Is your room tidy enough to have a work area? Can you file books and papers away easily? Do you keep notes on scraps of paper or in a book or on an iPad?

    (Original post by Mattheatre)
    (Original post by Mattheatre)
    As it stands, my room is very basic. I used to have the PS3/TV/Computer but I decided to have it moved out as they were distracting me to do them rather than to sit down & revise.

    (Original post by Mattheatre)
    Because A Levels is very much more independent study then once September comes around see what books, if any, your tutor recommends you purchase to help you through your studies. At A Level, so long as you take something that you are GOOD at you can go pretty much anywhere. Your grades at A Level are what employers and universities will look at and judge your commitment to learning and to work.

    I contacted my future Sixth Form and spoke to them of Maths about what books I should get. They said do some revision so I'm kinda ahead of the game.

    (Original post by Mattheatre)
    Don't go throwing away the best educational year of your life on something happening next year. Over the Easter Break just have a look at how you organise your school life.
    I've already started learning the new unit even though my exam is in May. But at that time I'll have loads of exams and so I need to some light revision early on so I get the grasp of it early on.

    Cheers for your reply

    (Original post by Eternity Flame)
    Study Physics for 2 hours each day , Then Chemistry for 2 hours, Then do Maths for 2 hours . And then do past papers each day . If you do this in your mock you can get C and in June exams you will get A . But ONLY if you repeat that process EACH and EVERY day .

    We have our mock in March (good for us )

    And i learn my lessons every day . And by doing that i was able to get 100/100 UMS in 2 units and A in other 2 units. This June i will be doing Unit 2 and 3 (Bio and chem) and C2 .

    If you dont learn your lessons , who would do it ? With people like you our probability of getting into universities would increase!!

    Good Luck
    How on earth do you do that ? Any ways t revisie unit 3 as my exam is in may for the likes for physics, biology and chemistry.

    Are you doing unit 3 practical ? OR the written paper ? I am doing written paper and i have to study chemistry all the flame tests (i learn them 1 month before exam and keep reading them so i wont forget ) and biology there is not much to learn in unit 1 and unit 3 . But in bio unit 2 there is a LOT to learn and i feel bored but i learn them. Last night i finished learning cell cycle fully . Then i will keep reading the learnt lessons each and every night so i wont forget it . Then , Chemistry unit 1 and 2 are very easy . Just understand the basic concept then you are done . (a few learning) . I dont do Physics so dont know about Physics. Coming to Maths, i do Maths each and every day . I spend approximately 2.5 hours doing questions from C2 textbook and pastpaper questions from 2006-2012 .
    The point here is give appropriate time each and every day and be very organised . You can have fun and enterntain , but only 1 day a week (for me it is Friday , on Friday i watch movies and series and i hate games (even tho i have an ipod touch 5 . (bit of a nerd .huh. )) .

    There is plenty of time for you to prepare for those 3 units in each subject .


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