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    I have a boyfriend who, although he adores me, does have what seems to be an obsession with glamour models... He loves long blonde hair, a tan, blue eyes and massive boobs (real or fake). He masturbates to images of women like this as a substitute for touching me. I simply do not live up to his fantasy!! He has them as his screen savers on his pc and laptop and has loads of pictures of them on both!!
    I look at guys on tv etc but in my eyes, while they are undeniably gorgeous, I dont see any of them to be any better than he is. I wouldnt change him and I think that he is perfect the way that he is. I am unbelievably attracted to him and I NEVER think of anyone else on the rare occasion that we do have sex. Nor do I masturbate to their images or to thoughts of them..
    Its quite confusing that he acts this way though as I have long blonde hair, a tan, fake boobs, tiny waste,, curvy hips but green/gray eyes.. I have done glamour shoots before and been in the public eye over them but I still dont do it for him!! We aren't even together over a year yet!! And I know for sure that my skills in the bedroom are not a contributing factor...
    He has a slight problem in the downstairs department but I know for a fact that this has never deterred him from being intimate with other women/ past partners.
    I really dont understand whats wrong with me.
    Ive never had a problem in this department before.. I know that his problem is stopping him with me because Im the only girlfriend or woman at all that has talked to him about this problem, or even realised that it is infact a problem. But part of the problem is that he relies on his fantasy woman to make things work.. So does this mean that when he DOES actually go near me that he's thinking about someone else all the time? Its really getting me down. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I have been diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder, which I attend councelling for weekly, so I have very low self esteem.. I try to look positively on myself because while I may not be perfect, Im not half as bad as I once thought that I was.. There are still some things that I want to fix but everyone has these and Im trying to learn to come to terms with all of these things.. How he acts doesnt help me.. The only thing that I had on my side was sex.. I was good at that and no matter how bad I looked at least I had that. And now its gone. Im nervous about touching him cause I know he'll brush me away like he always has and I cant relax in bed anymore when we do eventually have sex.. I cant even look at sex scenes any more because It makes me feel so worthless that my own boyfriend has never been that way with me and most likely never will be. I love him. He's enough for me, so why am i not enough for him when he says that he loves me as much as he does?
    Can anybody please help me
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    Guys like that never change your wasting your time. He's not worth the time if he has a girl and he's not respecting you in any way. What's the point in staying with a guy like that I'm sure there are guys out there that would respect you more not make you feel so low. I would say the best thing would be is to leave him carry on with your studies or job focus on that more and in due course the right guy will come. That guy your dating now sounds like a complete idiot.
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