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    I thoght Sal was a person until I realised it meant salary :rolleyes:

    Once I managed to translate into English what you were trying to say I came to a conclusion that you should dump him for being a selfish, manipulating prick.

    Yep, not a clue what this absolute grammar holocaust is supposed to mean.

    (Original post by ameya123)

    M little confused as wat to do???
    I have my family responsibilty ,we r in relationship since 2 year....
    But my bf sal is lesser dan me
    He wants i should take his suggesion in financial stuff,,,
    I should take his opinion....
    He wants my sis shounlt interfer in my sal budget or finance stuff
    He want s me to support him financially
    I dont knoe how to handle this???
    He want me to fulfill his demands .e.g shopiing ,camera or his expectation bec he cant do it by himself...

    I m not agree wiht it...watever he wants he should be on his toe..nd he like living brandy...but it doesnot mean he should expect brandy shopping from me

    If i spend money by his way out of my sal.....how m gone give ans to my family if they ask me wat i did of entire sal??????

    Can u plz help me out???

    his opinion is if m not considering him right now for money stuff,after marriage i will do my self and wont ask him little bit.he thinks like dat

    I see you have written in English....but that is certainly not English.

    (Original post by ameya123)
    hi thanks dear..this is my problem..
    Thing is I love him ..and cant leave without him....So getting rid of him is not good option.
    Believe me, you can live without him. You did before you met him, didn't you? Don't tell yourself you can't live without him, and just... think about your priorities. You can't have him control you and he sounds like a right dbag who can't do anything for himself and lives off other people, like a parasite. Don't let him control ya man.

    Sometimes breaking up is better for both parties. If you keep spoiling and doing everything for him then he will never learn. In the long run you will be so controlled you will end up unhappy and such.

    Or if you really, really don't want to break up with him, then you need to be stern with him and tell him that he needs to pick himself up. Tell him how you feel; You will not support him financially, you have a family to look after and he needs to learn to support himself. Tell him who cares if he likes living a "brandy life", he needs to control himself in that way, and how in the world can you take financial advice from someone who cannot take care of their own finances (gonna assume he spends more than necessary on alcohol for his "brandy life").

    Either he picks himself up or you break up, those are you best options imo.
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