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    Only started doing some good hardcore revision today, as I was busy for the past two weeks.

    Yesterday, was New Years so I was busy then.

    Thing is, I was always like this at A-Level but then I would somehow do well. Now I'm a fresher and have been to university for a semester and I'm about to sit my first set of exams (university). I'm quite nervous.

    Is 2 weeks enough to do well. I intend on doing 3 chapters a day.

    There's a total of 6 for one module and a total of 9 for the other.

    Here are some of my stats...
    • An overall score of 40% & above is a pass.
    • So far I have scored 20% alone just on coursework on both modules.
    • I only need another 20% to pass.

    Is 20% even easy to get at uni?
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    Study Helper
    You shouldn't be aiming for a pass, you should be aiming for something higher. If this is all you;re shooting for after one term as a fresher you really need to reconsider your motivation for going to university. Employers want 2.1s and above, as does any academic pursuit. And even if your first year doesn't count, modules in later years will hbuild on the content you cover now so you may as well learn it now whilst you have the time.

    I'm the in the same boat as you but my first year counts towards 10% of my degree so it might be worth checking. I know we've been given sample papers on our virtual learning environment so it might be worth looking there as most universities normally have these. As for the exams themselves, they're issued within the university so mine may be different from yours but we have an multiple choice and an essay element, and even in the essay element we have a choice, so they're really trying to make it easy for us to stick to our strengths. As for 20%, it should be fairly easy to attain, we've been told that about 80% is like genius level. As for tips, they seem to get real impressed when you read around the subject and don't just regurgitate the lecture slides and anyone can do that. That's what'll get you the higher grades. Hope this helps
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    Any tips/advice?
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