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    I'm not sure whether this belongs in this forum or not but I suppose it is to do with mental health.

    Basically, although I was predicted AAA at AS I only ABB, probably because I was on the verge of a nervous breakdown last year and probably still am. Now initially, I was quite happy because I was personally expecting something like DDD (I'm a huge pessimist). Recently though I've realised that I could have done a lot better. After some retakes, I'm hoping to achieve at least AAB. I am filing for extenuating circumstances (anxiety) but it will only count towards my June exams and is not retrospective.

    Almost all of favourite writers, comedians, politicians etc went to Oxbridge and although I have no desire for fame and success to that extent, it would still be nice to have followed in their footsteps. I mean, I know I am by no means failing and am doing rather well considering my mental health and the fact I go to a pretty dire comprehensive. Sometimes I just daydream what my life would be like if I didn't have such crippling anxiety, didn't grow up in a broken household on a council estate and went to a lovely private school and lived happily ever after. Unfortunately life isn't like that for me and I'm really struggling to face the fact that I'm probably going to be stuck in this godforsaken northern town for the rest of my life.

    I don't know, this seems really petty reading over it and it probably is but it's starting to really get me down. Maybe it's the anxiety? I am supposed to be going to see another counsellor soon but I still haven't heard back. I don't suppose anybody has any advice?


    I am an overly anxious person, with anxiety, as I'm sure you'll know, your mind can be a bit of a ****. Anxiety rises and falls, in the sense that it cannot remain at a constant, it's impossible. I've seen people about it and they all say that, it seems to be true. I am quite confident that the anxiety will be getting you down, it will fade soon though.

    With regards to your future, everyone worries about that. But the good thing is that where you live is almost entirely up to you. If you get a job and find a house in your desired city/town, then there is nothing stopping you from leaving your home town, it's all very possible. The key to tackling it is being realistic, that's different from pessimistic, it's better.

    What you have now, you won't have in the future. That applies to both the good and bad things, if you get into university (ABB is more than enough to) then you can leave home and put your troubles behind you, even if it's not Oxbridge, there are 298+ more universities to apply to, who knows you could do a postgrad there. At university you will find new people to hang around with and be in a different environment. That almost eliminates all of your current problems. All you have to do is wait, but I'm sure that it'll turn out good for you.
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