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    i come from a very diverse background where i have been brought up in household with 2 faiths.My mother pre 2007 comes from a sikh background (converted to islam) and my dad is a muslim(born)..which has kinda left me..well beating round the bush.I dont consider myself 'a man of god' and well as i dont really follow a religious group am not a member of any religion..i have chosen not to look in to religion too much till im older for obvious reasons.
    The problem i have is a find it very hard to keep anything long term with a girl from an asian background(.i have had relationships with white girls before )..as asian girls they tend to be quite close to their religion/faith they dont want to take things any further mainly cos im not either sikh/muslim and they cant see it going any further.which i dont get? i have not really ever met any1 that comes from a similar background to take any advice from..

    has anyone else experienced this..?
    how would any1 overcome this.. obstacle? advice?

    sorry for any grammatical errors....

    I find your "story" or life or whatever, extremely interesting! It's really intriguing to hear about someone like you. I've heard of Sikh women converting but never actually thought about a half sikh half Muslim child - well "ish" because your mum converted.

    I'm REALLY sorry to disappoint you, I'm not in your situation. I am a Sikh, but this thread is too interesting to ignore.

    So in today's era and what-not, people are stupid, you get that right. They differentiate between Muslims and Sikhs in stupid ways. A (stereotypical) Sikh parent always tells their child to "stay away from Muslims", "don't have Muslim friends", "a Muslim boy will convert you!".

    The parents who have their heads screwed on will realise that that's not always the case but SOMETIMES it so so the parents worry a little which is only humane.

    Maybe Muslim mums say That to their kids too I don't know.

    Girls probably end things with you because they know their dad will kill them if they knew they were with a Muslim, but they took on the relationship in the first place because they knew you were part Sikh-ish, so they thought it would be ok, the fact you being Muslim overruled that and the relationship ended.

    I am totally making this up. Just like you I'm Tryna figure it out. Maybe they are sure about themselves and are at unease with the thought of you not knowing who you are. This might make them afraid of you, they might think "what if he chooses either religion and wants me to convert in the future". That might also cause your relationships to end so quickly.

    I think your amazing. I don't even think you realise what your life is about. It's almost impossible to describe your ambiguous qualities. Your so very unique that it is scary. It's inspiring. Your like philosophy. Ok before I go all kreepy ( am I too late?) I think girls are just weary of your future decisions and actions.

    I hope this all sounds reasonable. I never meant to offend anyone. I apologise for hurting anyone's feeling who has read this. I hope the info I have given helps.

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