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Friend is being cheated on watch


    (Original post by troach)
    This couple are both friends of mine and they both go to different universities in London but can get to each other in less than an hour. I have been told and shown some text messages (the evidence is very clear that she has cheated but i wont say what the evidence is). Anyway she is in love with her boyfriend and I have seen how much she cares about him. But it is clear that she has cheated on him this first term with at least 5 other guys. This has really upset me as i thought they were a good couple. The boy does not know yet and i am deciding if i should tell him or not.

    Should I tell the girl that I know she has cheated. Shall I give her a chance to come clean.

    Besides this I have textual evidence and someones word. Could this all be a misunderstanding or is she cheating for a fact.

    please help
    Confront her and tell her that if she won't tell him he will. Do it quickly though. If he finds out some other way he's gonna be even more hurt and if he finds out that you knew he probably won't be best pleased.

    (Original post by hannahflossie)
    If I NEVER knew, it would never be an issue. If I never ever found out, I wouldn't ever be upset by it, because in my mind, I wouldn't have anything to be upset about. I know it sounds weird, but I think it makes perfect sense, unfortunately though there aren't many situations where secrets like that don't end up coming out in the end. But I do believe that there any many times when people would be much happier if they didn't know the truth..
    Sorry I think you are deluding yourself there.
    Yes, technically you would be happier, but that isn't the important thing here.
    If your partner is cheating on you, then surely you must want to know so you can end things there and then? Yes it may hurt like hell, but its surely better to know that and be able to end it, than to be ignorantly happy while your partner is out ****ing other people?
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