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Why do people associate a lack of empathy with psychopathy? watch

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    Autistics generally lack cognitive empathy and cannot understand the feelings or motivations of others. It is perhaps surprising that those with autism are rarely psychopaths, and are far more likely to be victims of bullying and violence to you people.

    How many autistic kids do you see on 10'Oclock news hitting their classmates on the head with baseball bats?

    Psychopaths usually have social skills but just lack empathy, therefore having knowledge that it's wrong to kill someone but killing them anyway is what makes them violent.

    I think psychopaths do actually know what others are feelings. They just don't care. :dontknow:

    psychopaths do not have empathy, however they know how to function socially, in fact they can be more socially aware than "normal" people. they do not always understand the emotions people go through, or at least WHY they feel that way, however they can mimic them very convincingly (sometimes overdoing it) in order to fit in.

    Psychopaths can read emotions unlike autistic people, they just can't feel any emotion, such as sadness, grief etc. (hence they know how to mimic emotions) It's commonly thought all psychopaths are bad people, well they're not. They know the difference from right and wrong and there main problem is not having an emotional connection but some can work on it.

    There's also other lack of empathy things such as schizoid, narcaccist (I'd say these guys are the true *******s in society) etc, infact you may lack empathy but have none of the other traits of a cluster b personality disorder.
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