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    (Original post by Olie)
    Sorry for my ignorance, but if nightline really is just a listening service then what makes a particular nightline good or bad?

    And tbh, I'm not entirely convinced of the value of these listening services, of course I respect the samaritans for their function of emotional support and helping people who are suicidal and reading some of the stories on their website I see it can be helpful to get your thoughts together and talk through your problems to someone, but if they don't say anything more than 'mmm', then they surely can't be that much of a help for someone who is suicidal?
    I used nightline the other day, and have done so in the past.

    I can usually deal with my problems quite well alone - but they can really be helpful. Firstly, it is someone you can speak to who will not judge you, and will empathise with you basically. They ask you how you are, and listen to your problem, and will ask questions about it - making you speak deeper about it. That in itself helps you reword and maybe even resolve your problems by seeing them clearer in your mind, and you have the reassurance that someone else is there (you aren't just alone).

    In a time of great distress, they are very very very useful, and I am grateful they exist. Maybe if you haven't had the need to use them, that is a good thing - means you haven't had any serious problems to deal with.

    (Original post by concubine)
    I would never use anything like this.

    Firstly it would just seem ridiculous, as I have friends anyway, and secondly it'd just make me feel worse. For some people dealing with your **** by yourself is better. I'm all for getting rid of the stigma attached with seeking help but sometimes it feels like people are trying to push things too far in this direction.
    Well - if someone had no friends, and that could be a reason of distress, then it makes sense that they go.

    Personally I prefer to try and solve my problems by myself, but I have used Nightline once or twice. Putting thoughts in order is beneficial at times - and wouldn't say their service is "pushing it too far" at all. I think it just means it doesn't particularly appeal to you or may not be your first port of call.

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