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    Hi, I've needed some help with this for a while....I've had no one to turn to, and well I thought maybe this could help If I wrote a thread on it.
    I've never known what I want to be when I am older and it's affecting my GCSE's. It's coming to the point where I have to start choosing courses and making decisions. My Mum and my step Dad said that its time I start making my own decisions and start taking responsibilities. I'm finding coursework and homework really hard and I know you guys are probably thinking "join the crew" but I thought, maybe you guys might have some advice for me or be able to help? I want to do well and I got told that I won't be able to get into a decent college without a language. I didn't take language last year so I cannot take it this year. I don't know what to do. I asked a few of my teachers for extra help...but it's not working. My friend Amy she is like the smartest girl in the class at mathematics and is working at A* and she is getting tuition, I'm predicted E-C, shouldn't I be getting some kind of help? I don't know what I want from life or where I want to go. To be honest, I don't have a clue.

    My Mum said I should make my own decisions and I keep thinking how when your making me choose art? She changed my courses to art because she said "thats what I'm born to do". I've be asked to do draw and paint things for people over the years. When I was 11 going on 12 I was asked to draw a black and white image of a baby girl in a pram. I drew it for them and they took it to this man who said it is worth 500-600 pounds. They bought it and wanted to pay £700 and I was asked to paint an elephant herd running through the sea on a wall, do an A3 canvas print of an elephant, draw a dead dog I got £65 for that and I was previously asked by my head of house at school to illustrate her horse for her daughter to go on their wall- £20 for that. My mum says that she wants me to take it and that I could go far. If I'm honest, I hate art. I hate the fact of being in an art room or seeing a painting on the wall I hate it. I can't stand art. My art teacher asked me the other day Why won't you take it? Your going to take it. Your mother wants you to and so do I. My art teacher is head of sorting out students into different courses and Im afraid him and my mum will put me in it on purpose. I've tried speaking to both about it. They won't listen. And I can't speak to my friends about it cause well one of them i want to be there for her but i dont no how cause shes cutting her veins and last week tried to hang herself. I told her i didnt want to get involved but i wanted to be there for her. My other friends....well lets just say...There either busy with family problems or something. My real Dad, Im not even aloud to see him. hes in hospital. His appendix burst, he had bronchial obstruction , hes diabetics and he has Diverticular disease. hes recovering from cancer and has beein in the hospital for months. Theres no teacher i can talk to about it...I dont no what to do. Can anyone help? :confused:
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