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    I'm in my fourth and final year of uni, sharing a flat with another girl. We get on extremely well, the one issue is she is really messy. To the point that sometimes there is not one bit of crockery, cutlery, plates or anything left in the drawer. This has happened twice in first semester, and those times I left it for ages in the hope that surely she must notice it's awful and all the surfaces are dirty, and after a while I've moved everything to beside the sink so I can use the other surfaces. After another few weeks, she'd finally clean up and we'd both talk about how lovely it is having the kitchen clean. But then she does it again! It's a similar thing with the bins - we take turns (ish!), but she gets loads of takeaway pizzas and leaves the boxes everywhere, so I tidy them to beside the bin and still they are there, about 20 of them. I get that if I wanted it clean so badly I should just do it myself, but on principle I'd rather she'd do it (eespecially as she's obsessed with health and hygiene!). I feel if I said something she'd instantly take it the wrong way so I'd be very grateful for any suggestions on he to handle the situation delicately!

    I'd casually say something like "Is this your pizza box from last night, still here?" and laugh about it. But then she should get the message.

    Why are you sharing cutlery and plates? If you have both put yours from previous years together then say you'd rather you both just use your own stuff because you like to know what clean pots you have without checking so you can decide what to have for tea on the way home or whatever. If it's your's then ask her to buy some of her own, saying you don't really have enough to share and mention there sometimes being none left to use. If it's her's or the landlord's then buy your own giving the same reason. If she ignores whichever of these is relevant then just move your clean cutlery and plates etc to your room and bring out what you need as you use it. This will get rid of what appears to be the main problem of you not having any clean cutlery or plates to use when you want them.

    As for the dirty sides you could bring up how you both said before it's nice having a clean kitchen and suggest you both clean any mess you make as you do it, wipe the side after washing up, take the bin out when you fill it etc. If this doesn't work then make a rota, though make sure you both agree and it's realistic (ie doesn't mean you're cleaning too often or have to do it on a certain day with no flexibility).
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