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    Me and my boyfriend have been on/off for a while, it's never really been official until the past month.

    For months my "bestfriends" were pestering me into going out with him, I've always wanted to just take my time with things and just enjoy being in a good group of friends without boys.

    At one party I decided that I was going to get the courage and tell him what I wanted, until I saw him with another girl, I was upset as the night before he was telling me that he loved me and wished we could just sort everything and be together, we've had a rocky past.

    I stayed at his after the party and things got sorted and we started going out, however at the party my friends told me I should leave him and let him be happy and ever since they have been weird with me, obviously *****ing about me and left me out of their NYE celebrations, which upset me seeing as they were the ones that wanted me and my boyfriend to get together in the first place..

    Is it my fault that there acting this way?

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    Friends can be great at giving advice and often they can see a situation we are in with a more objective mind as our perception of it will often be skewed with our feelings. But like you can only lead a horse to water, after weighing up your friends' opinions, only you can make the decision about what you do in a given situation. If your decision does not coincide with your friends' views they can only stand back and hope that you learn from the imminent mistake. So, in short, whilst your friends might not agree with how you have acted with this guy, it's not on for them to ***** about you. Can you be sure though that they have been *****ing? Have a chat with them and ask if something's up.

    It's difficult to judge the situation with the guy. How did you react when he told you that he loved you? If you were less than enthusiastic it's probably no wonder he felt a bit snubbed. The truth is that if you and him have been 'rocky' for a while and have never sustained a proper relationship then you're probably not right for each other. If you were, there would not be so much drama.
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