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    "London is becoming the top summer destination for super-rich Arab tourists and their supercars, but many Knightsbridge and Chelsea residents are now complaining of sleepless nights..."


    Did anyone else watch this?
    To be honest I was like :zomg: then :yikes:.........the cars they were driving, a guy can certainly dream

    But on the serious side, did you guys watch it?

    I felt there were some issues there to address.......especially how people percieve, they are generally seen as good sort of thing for Britain to help our economy, etc on the other hand where they live, the neighbours don't like them.

    They may be good for the economy but some of these guys are very unsavoury probably the result of a life of unearnt riches, I once saw them scaring a woman crossing the road by pretending to drive at her.

    I liked it, definitely thinking about going down there next summer to look at the cars, you will be lucky to see in your lifetime.
    Was happy to see the coupe edition of my car on there too plus another AMG car revving, sounded incredible.

    I think part of the problem is the people who don’t like it, don’t complain to the people who are doing it. Neighbours say they love the sound of my car, but some might not, but since no one says anything how am I meant to know?

    Another issue that gets to me is people think they are showing off to impress others. Some people like cars and buy nice fast ones to impress themselves. Fair enough if it impresses someone else then that’s good but as long as my car makes me smile that’s all the matters to me. It’s pretty sad if you buy a car just to impress others.

    1:06 minutes into the show and already you get the cliche middle age and class white man saying...

    "I think this sort of behaviour is incredibly uncivilised, and if this is all about diversity I don't want to know."

    :rofl2: The super rich people annoying the rich. I guess with all the talk of record unemployment, benefit cuts, increase usage of food banks and people losing their homes. It's only the matter of time we should concentrate on the horrors the residents of Knightsbridge suffer.

    "Has anyone talked to the drivers?" ... "no". Enough said.

    I don't care about them coming and having fun. Its good that they see London as holiday destination instead of LA or something. But if they are racing around endangering members of the public the police should let them spend a night in the cells and they can stand before a judge for reckless driving in the morning. I would say crush the cars but I have a feeling these people value their time more than their motors. Same as these people who go to the gulf states and act like they are in Magaluf.

    They do come across as pretty tastless though, a lot of money and not much class. I mean most of those cars look like ones you would expect to see Balotelli or El Hadji Diouf driving.

    "Whats That?"

    ''It's Big Ben"

    "May God silence it's noise"


    Pretty funny how they seemed to think they should be exempt from the law and claimed it was discrimination when they got busted for no plates/insurance.

    I am one of those 'Carparrazzi' people that they mentioned. I find the argument a little flawed. The noise issue is one that I find a little useless. I have been walking the streets of Knightsbridge for years and even before the arabs were over here was still an 'issue' but just not on the same scale (half the cars shown last night were UK registered?!). Noise is a part and parcel of living in one of the busiest parts of central London where night life is thriving.

    Have a look at the kind of cars that are 'invading' Knightsbridge on my Facebook page. (Please 'Like')


    (Because some of us appreciate these crazy machines!)
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