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    Revision tips please ! i've got my first real GCSE exam next week, whats to expect ?
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    If its your first exam here is a few tips:

    1. You've probably heard this one a hundred times but seriously read the question carefully!!
    2. With many exam questions in biology they will ask you questions where you have to apply your knowledge! look for clues in the question
    3. Once your done make sure you read over all your questions carefully and make sure what you have written is answering the question

    Revision Tips

    Write out your notes you have made in class etc. seems to work for me
    Mind maps!! Use colour to help you remember certain specific things
    Loads of exam practice!
    Do as many past papers as possible until your getting 90%+ above in each one
    Topics your weak with, focus on them so you have a knowledge of the whole spec
    Read the specification! Which can be found on your exams boards website
    Revise with friends

    Need any help feel free to PM me

    expectation wise...LOT! Trust me when i had my first exam, it was horrific...make sure you do mad revision everyday and i mean every single day. If you dont...good luck regreting it. Believe me, revise as much as you can then go to the test prepared to ace it.

    - anonymous
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Updated: January 5, 2013
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