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    I really like this girl, she is perfect for me. However, she is not interested, and has expressed this. How can I get over her?
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    I think this is one of those times when you should let your pride take over. She isn't interested, why waste your time even worrying about her when there could be someone much more thoughtful nearby who is head over heels in love with you? She'd only be perfect for you if she was willing to give you a chance. Don't resent her, but banish all thoughts from your mind of you two together. If you're friends with her, don't let this affect your friendship- pretend it never happened. She might change her mind some day, but you should let her make that decision- that way you won't seem desperate to her and you won't be constantly thinking about 'oh should I say this or that or etc'. That's how I'd react if a guy I liked didn't like me back. Be natural, be laid back about all this, don't take it badly and just roll with life as it comes. She probably isn't the one for you- don't let it get you down.

    Find someone else.

    Distance yourself from her, hanging around her won't help you.

    Get out there and play the field, you'll find someone who's right for you!

    It takes time, but you'll get there. I think the best solution is to put yourself out there- though I have trouble following this advice.

    I'm beginning to get over my rejection, but sods law says she'll make contact soon and the cycle repeats again.

    in a few months, you may not even remember her name. trust me. crushes come and go. you have no idea what is in store for you in your life but whatever it is, it's bigger and better than her How well do you know her? If you know her well, then at some point you know of something nasty or something you don't agree with she has done or said. replay it in your mind and ask youself, if you had the choice of anyone in the world, would you pick someone that had done that. get out with your mates and have fun. it's a cliche but remember this is the start of your life, you'll look back in a few years just like i've done and think what the hell did i see in that person
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