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    I'm doing AS Maths (AQA), and I find C1 fairly easy, but at the moment I'm really struggling with quite a few of the Chapter 2 M1 questions, I have looked at a few examples in my textbook, but I'm still confused. Could anybody please help me with the following questions, and explain to me how to use suvat equations and rearrange them. I would really appreciate it and be extremely grateful.

    (1) A train leaves a station from rest with a constant acceleration of 0.2 ms^-2. It reaches its maximum speed after 2 minutes and maintains this speed for a further 4 minutes, when it slows down to stop at second station with an acceleration of 1.5 ms^-2. How far apart are the 2 stations?

    (2) A car crosses a speed bump with a velocity of 4ms^-1. It then accelerates at a rate of 2.5 ms^-2 to a speed of 9ms^-1 when the driver applies the brakes, causing an acceleration of -3ms^-2, reducing the speed of the car to 4ms^-1 to cross the next hump

    (2a) How far apart are the humps?

    (2b)How long does the car take to travel from one hump to the next?

    (3) A car starts from rest at the bottom of a slope. It accelerates up the slope for 8 seconds at 1.5 ms-2, then disengages the engine and coasts. If its acceleration is now -1ms^-2, find the time which elapses between its leaving the bottom of the slope and returning to it.

    (4) A ball is thrown vertically upwards with a speed of 15ms^-1. What will be the greatest height reached by the ball? How long does it take to reach maximum height? How long does it take to reach ground level again?

    (5) A ball was thrown vertically upwards. It just touched a cable 20m above the ground. What was the initial speed of the ball?
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