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    Hiya I'm currently doing Religious Studies,Law,English Literature and Geography for A-level..predicted A*AAA and struggling to keep up with the work...
    I don't know why but I'm always stressed out about meeting deadlines, never focused in class and feel constantly tired of work.
    I need motivation!!! I'm so so so lazy...that I'm worried I'll fail this year

    Facebook and internet in general are so distracting -.-
    Any advice?

    Unfortunately any advice will always come down to just doing it, but things I found helpful were;

    1. Try not to be stressed. I know it's easy to say, but stress doesn't help anything, it just makes it hard to learn. Take things at the pace you can do them, and be very organised - you won't miss any deadlines by being too calm if you are organised.
    2. Start things well before they are due in.
    3. If you feel tired give yourself a break. A day off can double your productivity the next day.
    4. When you have to study you have to study, but there's no reason why you can't make yourself comfortable, with music, drinks, comfortable clothes etc. After a while you might even look forward to studying.
    5. You have to train yourself not to get distracted by Facebook etc. It does come with practice, if you push the thought away every time it comes into your head.
    6. Work in sections of no more than an hour, but more than 30 minutes, and have a 10-15 minute break in between each.

    With those predicted grades, you probably know all this, but there might be something there. As I said, it really is about just sitting down and doing the work, but don't make it harder for yourself than it needs to be
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    Thank you so much! it does help... I'm always struggling to stay awake every single day which makes it so hard to concentrate at school but hopefully i'll stop the stress and get on with it...


    Yes, those predicted grades are high & may seem like a lot of hard work. I'm presuming your in your last year of sixth form?
    Your teachers wouldn't have predicted you those if they didn't think you could achieve them.

    Those are all heavy subjects. I do R.S and find it really really stressful, I couldn't imagine doing Law and English Lit as well :/
    But you clearly must be capable.!

    I'm practically exactly like you. People say I should get A*'s and A's at A level, and it all got too much for me last year. I ended up on early study leave as I couldn't stand 6th form - and I ended doing pretty badly indeed in 2 of my exams.
    You just need to calm down, breath and take it one step at a time.
    If your struggling to meet deadlines that are all in the same week, speak to your tutors who might let you hand it in a few days after.
    I was exactly like you, like I had to be perfect and get deadlines - I'd never ever missed a deadline or ever had a late homework and it suddenly just all got to me!!
    I do chem, biol & r.s (I dropped maths), and my r.s teachers let me hand things in later now, because they know I'm struggling a bit and I would much rather hand something in a bit late at a better quality, than staying up all night until 3am like I used to. I got so exhausted I couldn't keep awake in lessons, it got ridiculous!

    Main thing - turn your phone off. Or hide it or something.
    Even don't use the laptop or computer if it is that distracting.
    I'm doing my work in another room now, and switch the laptop off when I don't need it, because I used to spend forever on there on facebook, tumblr, you name it, I was probably on it !

    Make a timetable. Do a subject a night or something. Write a list of everything that needs to be done, once your ticking stuff off it really helps motivate you. x

    Whenever i'm stressed about work i watch this video-


    If it doesn't take you to the right one, its called 'managing stress'
    It's really basic stuff, and i've watched it so many times that i know what it says, but i just helps because it tells you why people becomes stressed in the first place and how to deal with it in less than 3 minutes, it just cheers me up, gets me breathing and makes me feel a little less suicidal about doing work for some reason

    It may be a personal thing, but it's worth a try, good luck!
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