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    Can completely sympathise with the OP - doing nat sci, but hate both chemistry and materials!

    (Original post by Quizzimodo)
    So basically I'm hoping for some advice. I had a pretty poor first term, and I've pretty stressed over the break as well, so I'm weighing up my options. The tl;dr version is in bold.
    • I don't like the course.
    • I'm struggling with the work.
    • I can't get away from the work, either.
    • I don't like the social side.
    • I don't particularly care about the subject.

    I feel like if it was only one or two of these then I might be able to muddle through but I don't really think any of it suits me. So, am I alone? Can it get better? I'm seriously considering trying to transfer to my insurance choice, Mathematical Physics at Nottingham. I know it doesn't have the "prestige" but I think a little less pressure and a course I have a chance of enjoying would give me a much better chance.

    Help! Any opinions are appreciated and I will try to answer questions.
    It's a lot more common than you think. I'm in pretty much the same situation, but three years on and at Oxford. I'm doing straight maths, but I chose it because I was good at it not because I was passionate about it. I also found it difficult on the social side. Feel free to PM me if you want to chat.

    I persevered, and in my case it didn't get better, but I think it could have if I'd done the right things at that point. You may as well finish the year, as every student gets a spare year of funding, and it may help to do the following;

    1. DO NOT STAY IN YOUR ROOM. It may seem like everybody's just into clubbing, but half of them are doing it because they feel they should. Force yourself to go to the common room, join clubs, join amateur sports teams, and don't give up. There are people out there like you. I know it's easy to say, but if you don't sort the social side out now you will come to regret it. University can be very lonely, and a different university wouldn't necessarily be better.
    2. Don't build up an ideal 'Cambridge' life in your head, and compare your own to it, because your own will always lose.
    3. At Oxford, people often change course during their first year. What else do you enjoy? If you can catch up, not is the time to consider it - talk to your tutor. No point going and doing maths at Notts if you don't care about it.
    4. As for the pace of work, there's nothing you can do about that. As I say, try to finish the year, and see what happens. It is incredibly beneficial to get a week ahead of yourself with problem sheets, even if it means skimping on a few, because the later ones will be of better quality.
    5. Tempting as it is, don't skip lectures for problem sheets.
    6. Remember why you wanted to go.

    Hope this helps a little! As I say, feel free to PM me, and e-mail your Dean* / Chaplain* / personal tutor first thing in the morning.

    *Yes, I know, but these seem to be melded into one welfarey bloke in my college, so I've never quite worked out what he does.
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