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    Personally, I find C1 and C2 very easy, and I take the joy in doing exam papers, hoping that I can get at least 65/75.

    By the way, I am doing AS Maths and A2 Maths this year and AS FM next year, plus my FM target grade is an A

    In the solomon papers, I get around 56 in C1, 50-53 in C2, but I know i have gotten marks so low because I find them hard, and they wont appear in the exam, only if they appear in the last few

    I have tried doing past papers, but I can also just make it into an A, or a high B, averaging at around 61 in C1, 58-60 in C2, but I want to do better

    Today I tried doing the C1 and C2 Practice and Examination Style Papers at the back on an edexcel book ( the one with the green and blue cover), and I scored 62/75 for both c1's, 60 and 58/75 for c2, in just 25 minutes of the 90 minute alotted time, and i didn't take time going through and checking my answers, i went straight into marking, it, i noticed a few silly mistakes which i will have time in the real exam to check, by i wanted to know, whether these examination style papers and practice papers are too generous or meant to be hard (i know they aren't solomon style) but are they still regared as hard

    plus, as the cgp exam style papers any useful, hard, well-respect?

    please let me know soon, because i am losing my confidence in c1 and c2 every day - don't even get me started on m1. I just cant understand physics stuff, I can only get as high as 54/75, but the recent edexcel grade boundraies such that 66/75 i an A, 58/75 is a b, so I am just securuing a c or a high d, and this is not good

    please answer soon

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Updated: January 5, 2013
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