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    This "thing" has happened to me twice not so bad, and once very bad. I've done research into it, i've read on psychotic episodes, schizophrenia, and what happened to me sounds like nothing that I've read upon.

    The first time this thing happened to me, it happened after smoking a synthetic cannabinoid , called Diamond Spirit, a "legal" high. I was seeing strange mushroom shaped things in a different world, and I felt like I was disconnected from this world, my mind was going too fast, I had no control over it, but I was perfectly aware of it, by flickering I mean my perception of the world around me was very weak, all my senses were very feint, it felt like I was in two places at once.

    The second time I experienced it, it was the very bad time, I smoked something called Black mamba, another synthetic cannabinoid, i think this was about this time last year, this time it was so bad I felt like I was being crushed in a black hole, I found it difficult to breathe.

    The third time, was yesterday, it happened after smoking a little bit of regular weed, which surprised me, I've smoked weed lots and lots of times in the past and it has always treated me nicely. This was the lightest of the 3 times it had happened, I got a bit of a shock as I felt that familiar "thing" stirring up in my head, it felt myself sort of "falling" back into where I had been previously, but I didn't quite make it there, it was a close one, I kept my sanity, but only just.

    The common things that all three times share is that it starts by realising something is going wrong with my mental state, I don't know what, I just know that it feels horrible, and I realise its getting worse, the 2nd and 3rd time I kept thinking "I'm going back insane", but I dont remember what I was thinking the first time. When I was thinking "I'm going back insane", it felt like I had no control over it, it felt like I was separated from my thoughts, and my thoughts were controlling themselves, and the worst part is, I feel completely aware of it, I'm awake but lose control of whats happening in my head, and I keep thinking those words faster and faster, and at the same time as getting faster, those thoughts evolve into other stuff, stuff of another world that I can't explain, not words, not images, its just unexplainable what they turn into, and I have no thinking space to make sense of whats happening, because as i said, my thinking space seems to be a separate part of me, it turns into my enemy, but I'm still there, my awareness, my existence is still understanding that I've gone completely insane. The 2nd time it happened to me, the really bad time, if there's any such thing as hell, it was there in my head, I remember thinking that this will probably be the end of me, those unexplainable thoughts sped up and sped up, and got to the point that I could not handle my thoughts working so fast, it was completely destroying me.

    Anyone have any slightest clue what happened to me? Have these symptoms ever even happened to anyone else before?


    You will do permanent damage to you mind if you keep smoking. You must know about the link between weed and psychosis? Only certain people get it and you appear to be one of the unlucky ones. If you stop before its too late hopefully you won't suffer any more of those symptoms again. If not you may develop full blown psychosis which I'm sure you can imagine will not be pleasant.

    I have nothing against people smoking weed, most of my friends smoke it, but I also have what you were experiencing and the more you smoke the worse its going to get. It will begin to start happening when you aren't smoking. Please stop. Its not worth it.
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    yeah iv had this feeling too, quite a few times, normally when im super high. Iv put it down to lack of concentration so my mind just thinks for itself if you know what i mean, as my mind is pretty active even when not high. That and a little paranoia. Iv kind of got to grips with it and dont find it that bad anymore.

    Drugs cause the brain to function uncorrectly. Whether it's hallucinations, the feeling of hard breathing, paranoia or that you're floating... whatever you experienced it purely figure of your imagination. I've had times when I'm just about to fall to sleep and I see in my head that I'm standing still and the world, everything around me is getting further and further away and then I either wake up or fall to sleep.

    I've come to the conclusion that when I see the world disappearing, this is the exact moment when my mind is actually starting to fall the sleep, and once the brain is completely asleep, the world has gone and I'm left with a black blank canvas to create my dream.

    yeah a girl I know has had a similarly trippy reaction to weed, its weird, I think it's best to not smoke as much to try and avoid that.
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