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    Hey guys,

    I'd like some more motivation to stay on track so i thought joining this competition would encourage me.
    My reason to lose weight is just to feel good about the way i look and be confident. Also it would be great to go to a popular clothes store and pick a pair of trousers that can fit me. im around 40" waist and most trousers in shops only go up to 38 which is a pain in the ass.
    Also i get hope to reduce aches in my body by being fitter.

    Im 22yrs and weigh 15.10 1/2 stone or 220.5 pounds (weight from entry) height 5'11". My aim is to reduce fat and maintain or build muscle in the process. I will do my best to eat clean and aim for around 1800cals a day.

    My workout program was created by a P.T last year and i didn't stick to it as i sometimes work away for my job. Work is a bit lighter currently so i hopefully wont be working away as much. (construction)
    The program is mainly compound moves and tabata/interval training which im confident will be effective as long as i keep to my diet.

    I have acquired weights since college as iv always been into fitness and martial arts. My collection includes a cheap power-cage from ebay, barbell to 110kg, dumbbells 17.5kg each, and a 16kg kettlebell.
    The only program about doing my weights at home is that my cage is outside and when i get time to do it on weekdays (in winter) its usually dark and/or raining. I'm hoping to work around this with other things i could do.




    Front- flexed

    Back- flexed


    please let me know if this proof photo is OK.

    I will try to update this blog when i can. Good luck to everyone!
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    Im just guna start this blog from today, i have done more exercise this week but to lazy to write it all.. sorry!

    Session C

    (+ means im confident for a 2.5kg increase next time)

    Squats 80kg 12,12,12,12 +

    Stiff legged deadlift 75kg 10,10,10,10 +

    Overhead press 17.5kg DB's 10,10,10,10 - struggled with last set, but want to increase.. ran outta plates so im going to change this to Arnold press next time

    Single arm t-bar row 22.5kg 10,10,10,10 + - Want to increase the weight by quite a bit but for some reason this exercise really hits me

    DB Bicep curl into close grip BB bench press
    12kg curl -50kg press
    12,12,12, curl + I find these quite difficult.
    12,12,12, press +

    Then 30mins cycling in the evening, mixed speeds.
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    Did a quick workout this morning.

    20 min cycling, changing speeds, flat to slight incline etc. It's only laps around my area but i did about 4. Hoping to get fitter and do more plus beating previous times.

    Put the bike away then got the kettlebell out.

    I forget what the workout is called.. something ladder maybe.. anyway i start with:

    10 kettlebell swings to 10 goblet squats, immediately followed by..
    9 swings to 9 squats
    down to 1.

    This killed me, i try to aim not to put the kettlebell down but im not that fit yet. Really tiring!

    Im also keeping everything i eat on track using my-fitness pal on the iPhone. Keeping up ok hitting around 1800cals, but im averaging 135g protein per day.. Not sure if i should increase it for weight loss.
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    I managed to push my weights in today.. was very tempted to skip it.
    up at 5.30am, 2 hour drive to S London due to accident on M3.. Hard lifting and fitting on site then drive back at rush hour.
    As soon as i had dinner i felt my eyes going but i thought NO.. must.. workout..!
    Plus im working away up north for the next few days so i wont be able to do any weights. I might bring my running shoes though.. Hopefully diet wont go to pants..

    Got a makeshift lamp in the back garden and luckily it wasn't raining.
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    Session A

    Deadlift 80kg 8x4 +
    Split squats 12.3kg DB each hand 8x4 +
    Incline bench press 60kg 8x4 +
    Chin ups 3, 3, 2.5, 2 1.5, 1
    Superset same as session C
    DB Curls: 12.5kg 12,12,12 +
    Close grip bench press: 55kg 9, 52.5kg 12,10 <had to change down the weight as couldn't get full range of motion. +

    Finished with Kettlebell tabata, 8 rounds, 20 work, 10 rest.

    Funny swing around body (dont know the name, might look soon)
    R/H swings
    L/H swings
    Rack press L
    Rack press R
    Rack squats R
    Rack squats L
    Rack squats L
    Double hand swings.

    Now going to bed as have to get up at 3.20am
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    Good news, complications on site so get to come home to another work out!

    Session B

    Bench press 8x4
    60kg 8
    70kg 8,8,8
    ^^ i realised my grip had been wrong on this time, my grip was to close so i widened it to normal. Started at 60kg to see where im at with a new grip.

    Bent over rows 8-12x5
    57.5kg 10,10,10,10,10 +

    Front squats 5x5
    57.5kg 5
    60kg 5,5,5,5 +
    ^^ i know i can do more weight but its an awkward way to hold the bar, im using straps which should be easier. Just need to strengthen my shoulders to hold the weight.

    Chin up's 5x5 - if i can't make the 5 then i make up for it by doing negative pull ups. e.g 2 pull ups= 3 more negative

    Reverse lunge 8-10x4
    12.5kg each hand 10,10,10,10

    Cardio day tomorrow!
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    Played 40 mins doubles @ badminton


    Session C

    Squats 8x4 +
    90kg 8,8,8,8

    Stiff legged deadlift 8x5 +
    77.5kg 8,8,8,8,8

    Arnold Press 8x4 +
    17.5kg DB 8,8,8,8

    Single arm T-bar row 10x4 +
    25kg 10,10,10,10

    SuperSet 12x3
    Bicep curl 15kg 12,12,12 <struggled
    Close grip bench press 55kg 12,12,12

    Finisher circuit
    60 secs Tuck jumps
    60 secs 16KB kettlebell swings
    60 secs jab,cross, switch
    60 sec rest

    ^^ hated that, my cardio sucks.

    I also need to get some more plates for my dumbbells as they only go up to 17.5kg.. it will cost more to get 4x 5kg plates then it will be to get a 20kg DB set?? erm.. ok (tesco)
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    Haven't posted in a while so im going to add a larger update..

    2 mile jog with gf


    Session A
    Deadlift 5x5 +
    90kg 5,5,5,5,5

    Split squats 8x4 +
    18kg 8,8,8,8

    Incline bench press 5x5 +
    65kg 5,5,5,5,5

    Chin ups x10, sets can be where ever in the workout
    managed to range between 3 - 1.5 reps per set

    Superset 12x3
    15kg curl-twist 12,12,12
    55kg close grip bpress 12,12,10

    Kettle-bell tabata 4 mins.

    Session B

    Bench press 5x5 + (just got there, not sure if i should increase but we'll see)
    75kg 5,5,5,5,5

    Bent over rows 8-12x5 +
    60kg 10,10,10,10,10

    Front squats 5x5 +
    62.5kg 5,5,5,5,5

    Chin ups max x 5 (if cannot reach 5 make up with neg pull ups)

    Reverse lunge 8-10x4 +
    15kg 10,10,10,10

    kettle bell squat ladder

    Burpee's max in 1 min.

    21/1/13 - had to miss a few days because of work, struggled with this session as i found out that i was dehydrated. Hadn't been drinking much water.

    Session C

    Squats 5x5 +
    95kg 5,5,5,5,5

    Stiff leg deadlift 5-8x5 +
    80kg 8,8,8,8,8

    Overhead press 8-12x4
    22.5kg 10 (just got bought more plates, not quite there to jump 4kg!)
    20kg 10,10,10

    T-bar row 8-12x4 +
    25kg 10,10,10,10
    Wanted to increase the weight of these but couldn't. Couldn't find the strength which i know know was due to lack of fluids.

    Superset 12x3
    15kg DB Curl twist 12,12,12
    55kg close grip bp 12,12,12

    I wanted to do some small tabata after this but was so tired, and i was doing it in the snow and i didn't want to slip. The squats were dodgy enough.
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    Session A 23/1/13

    Deadlift 12x3
    72.5kg 12,12,12

    Split squats 8x4
    20kg 8,8,8,8

    Incline Bench Press 12x3
    57.5kg 12, 55kg 12,12 -thats 2.5kg proved to much for me.

    Chin ups

    15kg 12,12,12
    55kg 12,12,12


    Session B 25/1/13

    Bench Press 12x3
    62.5kg 12,12,12

    Bent over row 8-12x5

    Front squats 5x5
    65kg 5,5,5,5,5

    Chin ups - with neg finishes max x 3

    Reverse Lunge 8-10x4
    17.5kg DB's 10,8,8,8

    Really need to start doing cardio again, have been putting it off..

    Also weighed in this morning 15.4 3/4 stone. so all going well
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    Session C 29/1/13

    I dont like taking 4 days break from training but bloody work gets in the way of things.

    Squats 12x3 +
    82.5kg 12,12,12

    Stiff leg deadlift 5-8x5 +
    82.5kg 8,8,8,8,8

    Overhead press 8-12x4
    20kg 10,10,10,10... i want to increase but i find these hard at the mo

    T-bar row 8-12x4 +
    25kg 10,10,10,10... I really struggle on these, find them quite uncomfortable. I don't think it will hurt me i just dont like the movement.

    17.5kg DB bicep twist curl: 12,12,12
    57.5kg BB close grip bench press: 12,12,12

    Loved the fact that iv increased the weight, really struggle when i go past 8 reps which makes my form suffer a bit but not enough that i have to lower the weight.

    I've now moved my kettle-bell in my room and im going to try and use it every now and then when the adverts come on and do a tabata round or something.

    I've also decided that at the end of these week im going to take measurements of myself as i feel using the scales right now is a bad form of progress, i've put on 2 pounds and felt really bad about it. I did eat more then my allowance but not a huge amount and it was a one off.
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