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    Hey, I really wanna lose my flabby stomach. It's not fat, just sort of podgy and a little round and it's starting to bug me :P This isn't vital, but I would also like to tone up and get not really abs, but just firmer legs/arms.

    Anyway, what exercises are best for losing stomach fat?

    I go to the gym five times a week and on the other two days I go to Zumba/aerobics.

    I usually spend about 1 hour at the gym and usually I do:

    4000 m on the rowing machine
    Bike machine
    That machine that is meant to be like be like jogging but isn't where you move your arms and legs.
    Then I go on all those toning machines. For example though, with the leg curls, how many should I do? Usually I do around 15-20 then stop. Is this enough or should I do more? Same question for the ab curler etc.

    There's also a swimming pool at the gym, which I sometimes go to after the gym. Should I swap some of the gym days for swimming days? Is swimming a good technique for getting a toned stomach or am I better going to the gym?

    Also, what should I cut from my diet? I'm a uni student so naturally I eat a lot of pasta and drink loads :P I don't have many calories in terms of food, but I do in terms of wine. How much can I realistically expect to drink and still lose my stomach because at the moment I have to go to the gym so often to compensate for what I drink on nights out :P This isn't a problem as I am a bit of a gym freak and I love going, but it would be nice to see some results :P


    Thanks in advance for your help!

    hi fellow student
    I have given up drinking altogether an average bottle of wine has 650 - 700 calories so whether that is good or bad it depends on how much you drink a week! To be honest, if I didn't feel like a shrivelled plum for two days after drinking I probably wouldn't have given it up so i'm grateful that alcohol doesn't agree with me. You do a lot of stuff for a student! swimming is excellent for the whole body, I believe (might be wrong) it is one of the only activities that work your entire body simultaneously. weight lifting helps weight loss significantly. I manage to keep my stomach by doing sets of sit-up twists and lots of the plank,and trying not to eat too much bread! Also eat meat, chicken and turkey especially.

    People go running at the same speed for hours straight and thinks its awesome for weight loss but the best thing is to sprint as hard as you can for 30 seconds then walk it off and repeat til you have to lay down. Pasta obviously is fuuuuull of carbs so plan to eat it earlier in the day than later, cos your body will store the carbs. I grab a bag of nuts to snack on in the nights to stop me from making sandwiches etc, didn't think i'd like them but they're sweet as well as healthy. Try and eat tuna if you like it, when i was working (lifting heavy things) I had to eat a tin of tuna straight from the tin everyday to get the protein in. there's like 29 grams of protein in one tin. Great for replenishing sore muscles overnight too. I would swap a gym day for a swimming day
    Yoga is supposed to be great at toning the stomach.

    I know nothing about sets and gym talk as I don't go. I run round local villages and do muscle toning stuff at home where I can make as many jibby faces as i want
    I would be well proud if I did all the stuff you do! I have no idea how you find the time
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