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    OCR 21st Century Science- Additional Science A (A154) Chemistry A (A174).
    For assessment submission in June 2013.

    Practical Investigation: Investigating how much energy is transferred as heat when acids react with alkalis.

    I need some help/ advice on my upcoming controlled assessment.. we have to come up with a full experiment, risk assessment and preliminary material and conclusions. Any ideas or thoughts about how to approach the experiment.

    Information given: You are going to carry out an investigation into how much energy is transferred as heat when acids react with alkalis.

    Acids react with alkalis, the energy change is called the heat of neutralisation.

    Energy change calculation: Energy change (J)= m x s t

    m= volume of liquid in the reaction mixture in cm ³- assuming 1cm ³ of the reaction mixture has a mass of 1g.

    s= the specific heat capacity of water (4.2 j/g°C)

    t= the change in temperature in

    - You are going to mix acid with alkali solutions and measure the change in temperature which takes place.

    Thank you in advance!


    Well I'm doing this now but basically the way I', doing it is like this:
    -Background info:
    - Acids&Alkalis
    - Neutralisation
    - Endothermic & exothermic reactions
    - Factors
    - Hypothesis
    -Prediction (specific and quantitative)
    -Equipment & justification
    -Risk Assessment
    -Preliminary experiment
    - What we did (diagrams included)
    - Results
    - Evaluation of it (what we are going to take from this into our main investigation; range chosen and justified
    - Main Investigation
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Updated: January 6, 2013
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