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    I'm revising for my aqa unit 4 exam this January. One of the easiest/most common ao3 marks to get is mentioning the problem with meta-analysises.

    Whats the best and msot concise way to say their problem?

    These are a couple of different ways I've worded it in my essays. feel free to use them as a guide and edit them or to say whatever you write.

    1) However, this study was a meta-analysis which means the reliability is lowered as each study was different with different methods and variables and not repeats of each other.

    2) However, this study was a meta-analysis of different studies, meaning the reliability is lowered as each study would have been conducted using different methods.

    I've used other slight variations on these and got a mark every time from my teacher.

    But what's the best way to write such a point?

    Also can you get two ao3 marks within the same essay if you use this point, but mention it separately, for two different studies you've used in your evaluation? My teacher gives me the mark for both, I can imagine examiners not being impressed if all 4 ao3 marks came from 4 different meta-analysises you've used. But would they still have to give you the 4 marks, if you said this point 4 times, afetr each meta-analysis you've evaluated?
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Updated: January 6, 2013
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