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    It's just over a week to go till my mechanics exam in January (Edexcel) and I do not believe that I will pass the exam. I got a U in the mock and I feel I will get a U/E in the actual exam.

    I have been trying to solve this problem for a while. Ever since the mock in November I have been worried. I have been talking to my teacher and she said it should all come to me by Christmas. But it hasn't. On the last week of term, I also went up to her again in revision club. I told her I'm struggling and she went over a few questions, and then had to go.

    My notes don't seem to link with the questions in the exams. I feel that the questions in the exam are always harder to what I have been taught. I have a practice test tomorrow which I have no hope in doing well.

    To combat my problem, I have been going on examsolutions.net, which has helped me, where this person has generously offered his time to make videos over maths to help others. But in reality I don't feel it will get me the desired mark. (I am happy with a C grade).

    Link: http://www.examsolutions.net/maths-r.../M1/module.php

    The teacher has also given me a bulk of past papers from all the mechanics exams from 2006. We have been doing some in class and some at home, and I both struggle. As it's a large class, I don't feel I get the help I need. This is where I have been going to revision club where she spends up to half an hour teaching me a question or two, and then has to leave.

    I need some tips or any strategies that can help me get the C grade. I have had been revising an hour a day on mechanics in the break but now I'm working near enough all day trying to understand the areas of mechanics. I'm not taking it in as I would like to.

    Mechanics is one of those subjects that people either seemed to "get" or not.
    I was like you - i just didn't get it.
    I also found that the questions in the exams were harder than those of the text books, but as i didnt really do well with the text books i wasnt going to do well with the exam... lol.

    As I was cramming for loads of different exams at the time of my only m1 exam, i didn't get to revise it very much - bad idea as it dropped my mark badly.

    When you do the past papers, are you marking them yourself?
    If not, do so.

    See where it is that you are going wrong according to the mark schemes - try and make sure they are the official mark schemes, there are a few mark schemes out there that have been made up by people (who are trying to help).

    When you have identified where you are going wrong, make sure you understand why the correct answer is what it is:
    go back through your working and see exactly where any misunderstanding occurred, or even if it was just the case of a misplaced number and/or sign - M1 is a nasty peice of work when it comes to dropping negative signs.

    Make a note of any misunderstandings and revise them, go through as many examples in the book as possible that could help you. Ask you teacher if they could set you some other questions if you manage to get through them and still are unsure.

    If you're really struggling, i don't think 1 hour a day is enough.
    I realise you probably have other exams coming up, but i'm sure you have other subjects that you are ok with. If you have to, resit the exam, and then in your next half term, use all the days as school days, and have a whole day of such-and-such revision, and the benefit of being at home is that you can make the day last longer due to not having to travel.
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Updated: January 6, 2013
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