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How to make amends with people and beat social anxiety watch

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    Please keep anon, people on here know me.

    For all my life I've been really bad at communicating with people, unless I know the person, I find people very difficult.

    I was terrified of going to uni but expected to find friends at least since everyone's in the same boat... what a load of **** that expectation was.

    First day things were good and I could handle myself, I thought I was surprisingly comfortable with the people, after however things went bad and by the first week, I managed to find a nice girl who is now my girlfriend but I have no one else. By the end of the first week I was too scared to go in my kitchen, I had to start eating out or cooking in my gf's kitchen and this is not good.

    I'm just too scared to go into mine, this year I want to beat that fear but I don't know how? They all know eachother now, they all know me as that reclusive guy who stays in his room and resists all attempts at friendship (sometimes they'd say "Hey we're having a christmas meal wanna come" and I'd be surprised and react really badly coz I wasn't expecting it. I just look like that guy who doesn't want to make an effort but it's because my mind, my social anxiety is stopping me. It defines me and dictates what I do. What can I do? How do I put away my social anxiety, how do I have the guts to walk into a room of a bunch of people who think I'm weird, and all of a sudden act different from how I acted in the past? Won't they think it's weird if I'm showing an interest now? That before I was a recluse and now I'm making an effort? What if I walk in and they're all cliquey and I just sit there silently not being able to get any words out, all locked up?

    I just feel so trapped. But I go back in a few hours and something needs to be done. I just feel so much dread over this issue I've spoken about, I want to beat it but I can't. In a way I just want a fresh start with people who don't know me whatsoever, I can handle that a bit better, it's just when people know you for bad things and have their own cliques, I find that the most intimidating thing in existence. How can I beat this?

    you need to stop caring what people think ..there's nothing wrong with being socially awkward as long as you're not hurting anyone or allowing it to make you feel trapped. Embrace who you are, learn to love yourself for being awkward and don't try to hide it from people, that just causes more anxiety. If they ask you to go for christmas lunch and you don't feel like socialising then laugh it off and tell them that you're feeling antisocial. When you do feel like being a bit more interested in people don't worry about them finding it weird, they'll be surprised at most.. if someone finds you weird they're probably not worth knowing anyway..

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