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Im bored so im just gonna ask stupid questions watch

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    Ask your own and answer them if you wish. Answers must be stupid tho.

    Why is it that earth is referred to as the blue planet but neptune is clearly bluer? http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedi...comparison.jpg

    Why is it that its illegal to drive under the influence of drink and drugs because they hinder driving ability, yet they allow people with boobs to get behind the wheel?

    What was the best thing before sliced bread?

    If its 0 degrees today and the weather man says tomorow will be twice as cold, how cold will it be tomorow?

    There are a few rumours flying around about the stig: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCacWIDBFl4
    But why wasnt he the one to be told he never landed on the moon? Some say thats where he lives, hence his astronaut suit. All we know is hes called "The Stig"

    Jupiter, saturn, uranus and neptune are all known as "gas giant" planets. What happens if an astronaut landed on one of them and lit a fag?

    Who would win in a fight, someone who has taken cocaine or someone who has taken marijuana?

    1) The person who named it was colourblind.

    2) Totally valid point. I am a woman, with size F boobs. This one time I was turning a sharp left and realised my tits were in the way and I couldn't turn my steering wheel so I crashed and am now paralysed. Shame really. All women should just be banned from driving, to prevent something like that happening again. I mean, it's such a common cause of fatalities in driving.

    3) Just bread.

    4) Twice as cold.

    5) You are an idiot. I'm actually regretting trying to humour you now.

    6) ... Would anything happen? Seeing as all the gas involved doesn't even contain oxygen?

    7) I don't know, but if you would take the less effective one that would be grand.
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