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Im i'll at the moment. If i vomit over my exam paper, will i be allowed to start again and take it for the full time, or will i have to hand in the answers covered in vomit?
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If you are that sick, they will let you take the exam another time when you are feeling a lot better. I'm sure that if you were sick in the exam, they would just ditch that copy and let you do it another time. Hope you feel better soon.
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"If you are that sick, they will let you take the exam another time when you are feeling a lot better."

I don't know about that actually, because you usually have to be put in 'quarantine' so you don't speak to others and get information about the exam paper. That means you might have to stay at a teachers house for a few days! Doubt it though. So I don't know what would happen with that tbo. But you should speak to the invigilator/teacher if you feel unwell and special considerations would probably be made (I don't know what those might be though). Maybe they would be more leniant or something when marking your paper.

Thats unfortunate though that you don't feel well, exams suck because if you don't feel well you still have to perform, hope you get better soon. Speak to the teacher or something.
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This happened to me when I took my GCSE's. I was ill for the last exam and when I got in touch with my school they told me to get a doctor's note (official one), to verify my illness. I did this and on the day of the exam I was able to leave at any time (to throw up in the toilet), they compensated me for the time and they applied for "special consideration" for me. I eventually got a B, so they did do their best 4 me.
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