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Basically my sister (in year 11 right now) is deaf and she's applied for the sixth form at Vyners, starting next year.
I've been told that Vyners provides support for students who are hearing impaired, and I was just wondering what the atmosphere is like in the sixth form? Is there a segregation between the deaf and hearing students? Or do they all mingle with each other like normal? Has there ever been any issues with bullying in the sixth form because of their impairment, etc?

Also, how many deaf students are there roughly in the sixth form?

What's the general feeling at Vyners with the deaf students and everyone else?
My sister hasn't had a great experience at her current school, and I was just hoping that Vyners won't be a repeat.

Anyone who is currently at, or has been, to the sixth form there please share. I just want to know if it's a good social environment between the hearing impaired students and the other students.
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hello well i am currently in the sixth form and throughout being here i have seen a few deaf children and i have not seen them bullied. from what ive seen there is about 5 i think (in lower school not in sixth form) , i do see them in the support rooms and they all seem to be good friends.

but to answer your question about the death students socialising with other students welli dont thinks its as simple as that people are goiong to stay in their own friend groups not that many people mix groups or just talk to ach other out of blue because well its just something that doesnt happen. i dont know how to explain but from being at vyners since year 7 i have noticed all the new people who have just joined in sixth form year 12 stay together and havnt really socialised with everyone else.

overall i dont think you have anything to worry about, if anything does happen the support groups would help

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