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Hello everyone, I am writing to ask about one condition in the offer I was made.

I am applying for mathematics and got offer from Churchill College with 39 points overall with 7,7,7 in Maths, Physics, Geography HL, as I am currently an IB student. I have also additional conditions - 1,1 in STEP papers II/III and 7.5 average in IELTS test.

My question concerns the last condition - I am an IB student and IELTS is quite a cost for me. I would like to write to the college to ask, about changing the offer - to change the IELTS conditions for appropriate grade in my IB examinations from English language.

Did anyone do something like that and if so what was the outcome?

If not please let me know what do you think and is this a good idea?

Thanks for any help!
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I know nothing about IB, but I've got an offer from Churchill for Maths as well (we probably saw each other :eek:) so I'm inclined to give my 2 cents! I'd suggest ringing them up and telling them your financial situation. I've got the impression over the course of all my Uni applications that they are trying to be as supportive as possible of low income families. If you tell them you can't afford it I imagine they will either A) pay some of it for you, or B) give you an alternative offer. I can't really imagine them just sticking their middle finger up and saying deal with it!

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