my friends don't seem to like me anymore?! Watch

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I'm a student at university, and for the first semester until Christmas, everyone was pretty nice to everyone, we all got on well enough - I felt a LITTLE left out, maybe, but I understood why I'd be left out of some activities after class because I'm not big on drinking and stuff. Anyway the majority of the socialising took place before class and in breaks, so it was okay. We all came back after Christmas and suddenly NO ONE will talk to me anymore!
Every time I go to join a circle (you know how people stand in circles when they're talking to each other) it seems to close just as I get there and I'm left standing on the outside. I talk to someone and say hi, they say hi, I ask them something and they say something back and I'm really pleased that I'm actually having a conversation and then it turns out what they said was actually intended to be for someone standing behind me! A couple of days ago I had no one to go to lunch with and then I found two girls I know and went with them, but I really, really felt like I was forcing myself on them, and they made me feel like that too - they barely said a word to me throughout the entire thing, and both of them sat on the other side of the table and talked to each other privately. I can't eat lunch alone because we don't have a cafeteria, everybody either brings lunch from home or goes out to a restaurant for lunch.
The past couple of days I've just gone and hung out in a bathroom stall with a book instead of going to lunch with anyone because I feel like no one wants me there - in fact, I don't expect people to actively want me there, that's okay, but I feel like they actively DON'T want me there! Like they've all made a decision to just phase me out. I don't know what I've done wrong to justify this - I don't even want to be the most popular person on the course, I just want people to not treat me like a complete reject and I don't even know what I've done wrong.
This has happened to me before at school, but it's usually just been because I was a new student and could never quite integrate, which I can understand. This time, everyone was new, and I genuinely am stumped, and it's upsetting me because I am quite a social person. I have friends outside of university, but they all live far away (anywhere from an hour away to a 26 hour plane ride away) and I can't spend eight hours a day with them like I do with my classmates, so this is really getting me down. Apologies for it being really long.
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It´s a bit strange that they are acting like that. There must be a reason though, why don´t you ask one of them why they´re treating you like this? Apart from that, there´s not much else you can do. Maybe try and find some other people to get on with, although I understand that might be a little difficult now. Sorry I couldn´t be of more help, good luck!

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